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Goodbye to All That? Exhibition: Leeds Library Treasures Gallery

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The Leeds Library Treasures of the Brotherton Gallery is just that, a treasure in the midst of a thriving campus. Developed for the centenary of the armistice in November, the exhibition Goodbye to All That? was curated by Professor Alison Fellalongside PhD researchers Alexander Shaw and Ellis Boyle. The exhibition … Read More

Review: J W Anderson’s ‘Disobedient Bodies’ at The Hepworth Gallery Wakefield

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Last weekend I dragged my hungover self to Burley station and spent £2.60 on a train to Wakefield. Not my usual destination of choice for a post-fruity Saturday but the Hepworth Gallery had just opened its newest exhibition and I was desperate to go. Disobedient Bodies marks the start of … Read More

Making sense of the Scientific Method at The Tetley

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The old Tetley brewery headquarters in Leeds, now converted into a contemporary art gallery and learning space, is currently hosting the exhibition “The Scientific Method”. Until January 22nd, they are showing the works of artists such as Yorkshire-based Amelia Crouch, Spanish video artist Patricia Esquivias, Edinburghian multi-talent Siân Robinson Davies … Read More

Leeds Fashion: What’s on?

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Trinity Lockdown What? The annual Trinity student lockdown is an event which sees more than 80 brands reduce their prices up to 50%, including both restaurants and shops. The night is a great opportunity for freebies, giveaways and sign ups, all accompanied by live music from great DJs. When? Tuesday … Read More

University of Leeds exhibits rare Shakespeare folios

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The university is to put on an exhibition of rare original William Shakespeare folios dating back as early as 1623, 7 years after the playwright’s death. The collection has been put on display to commemorate 400 years since the Bard’s demise – thought to have been on the same day … Read More

'Broken Borders': The Humanity Behind The Headlines

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I’ll be the first to admit that I have become desensitised to much of what the news reports about the refugee crisis. Perhaps it is the scale that I cannot comprehend or the thought that families fleeing their war-torn countries aren’t on my doorstep. But one thought that shouldn’t cross … Read More

Review: The Rise and Fall of Mel Gibson – Café 164 (Munro House)

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Mel Gibson, a man of many talents and perhaps even more troubles. Heroic lead on stage or crazed religious nut off it, here’s a person who certainly knows how to divide critical opinion through his personality of blaring contradictions. So what better contemporary icon to have as the centrepiece for … Read More

Behind The Scenes: Curating the WWI Exhibition

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Documenting World War I and capturing it in a new and exciting exhibition is no easy feat just one year after the centenary celebrations saw every museum, gallery and cultural organisation in the country commemorating it. Such was the project tasked to the university’s MA Art Gallery and Museum Studies … Read More

Debate: Humans Of Leeds – Still a relevant concept?

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Humans Of…’ pages have started to develop a bad reputation. Even the almighty Humans of New York page is beginning to lose its appeal, with the founder Brandon Stanton being labelled as exploitative and a sell out after several collections of his portraits have shot to number one on amazon … Read More

Alexander McQueen exhibition

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It’s been a few weeks now since I went to the V&A to see the critically acclaimed Alexander McQueen ‘Savage Beauty’ exhibition, yet the show has been firmly imprinted in my mind. I remember being bitterly disappointed when it was announced that the exhibition would be firstly shown in the … Read More