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London fresher commutes from North Korea

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You might think that the half an hour walk to the lecture hall or a twenty minute bus ride in is pretty bad, but it could be worse. You could be living in North Korea. That’s exactly what  an incoming University of London student is doing this year. The fresher … Read More

Freshers’ Week ‘a waste of time and money’

2 years ago / 0 comments

Private school head teachers from around the country have called for universities to start lectures sooner and have branded Freshers’ Week potentially “isolating and expensive”. William Richardson, general secretary of the annual Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference, stated that informal conversations with undergraduate students had suggested that many would prefer to … Read More

Leeds named third most expensive student city

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Research conducted by banking giant Santander has placed Leeds as the third most expensive student city to live in the UK. Leeds rose seven places to third, with only Cambridge and London rated as more expensive cities in which to live. The research revealed that Leeds costs the average student … Read More

News | Union booze costs more

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Students at Leeds University Union are paying 75p more for their pints than students at Leeds Metropolitan University, an LS investigation can reveal. After investigating the prices of a range of different products in both Unions’ cafes and bars, this paper found a pint of Carlsberg costs Leeds Met students … Read More

Art | The Most Expensive Paintings of All Time

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Sotheby’s art auction last week cements the fact that even in our less-than-stable economic climate, the value of good art is on the rise every day- and people are certainly willing to pay good money for it. The auction in London brought in a staggering £74 million- Sotheby’s second-highest total … Read More