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Review: Exposed – A Collection of Shallow Archetypes

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Declan Dale does not exist. Declan Dale is a pseudonym for the director who abandoned this film after Lionsgate Premiere edited what was meant to be a bilingual, surrealist drama (sounds promising so far) into a generic detective thriller (cue unenthused sigh). Keanu Reeves and Ana de Armas lead the … Read More

Dance Exposé: Exposed

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What happens when you put contemporary, commercial, ballet and break-dancers together in one society? Although the initial response might be “chaos”, Dance Exposé, an eclectic dance society that combines all forms of dance, has changed my verdict to “awesome”. I was given the chance to see the society’s ‘Exposed’ showcase, … Read More

Landlords fined £8,000 for illegal rents

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Two student landlords have been fined £8,000 each this summer for letting properties illegally. Mohammed and Amaad Afzal failed to obtain Houses of Multiple Occupation licences for their student lets on Regent Terrace and Estcourt Avenue. Leeds City Council was alerted to the issue after tenants in one house complained … Read More