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Snow Leopards Racing Extinction

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We all remember how amazing Planet Earth 2 was just over six months ago, exhibiting some of the most spectacular displays of animal life ever recorded and broadcasted to the public. One particularly memorable scene was the filming of four snow leopards in the wild – something that had never … Read More

One sixth of species snuffed out by 2100

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There have been 5 major extinctions in Earth’s history so far; each one has eliminated a huge number of species, taking millions of years to recover. The potential repercussions of recent predictions – that a sixth of species could be extinct by 2100 – are still not fully understood scientifically, … Read More

Honey, we shrunk the bees: bee population endangered

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Although bees are a vital part of our food chain their importance has often been overlooked. However, the recent acknowledgement by the USFWS (US Fish and Wildlife Service) – that seven bee species are now considered endangered – heralds a more conserving view towards bees and the protection of their … Read More

Unexpected Extinctions

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The “global wave of extinction is now lapping at our shores” warns Martin Harper, conservation director with the RSPB.   Species extinction often feels like an issue far from home; one that affects orang-utans, tigers, and giant pandas – all animals in dramatic decline. To some extent, this is true. … Read More

Is the Doomsday closer than we think?

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The Population Reference Bureau estimates that there has been an astonishing 107 billion people that have ever lived, including the current 7 billion that are currently calling this little blue planet home. There have been many prophesied Doomsdays that were meant to mean the end of humanity, yet we are … Read More