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Get the Fact Out

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In the current age of post-truth, flat-earthers and alternative facts, it’s worth bearing in mind where we would be without objective reasoning. Science as an instrument is the finest honed tool that humans have ever come by to find out about things. It seems almost weird to think that up … Read More

The Lunar-cy of Moons

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Mini-Moon fact-lets: Moon rocks are magnetised which is weird as the Moon has no magnetic field itself, scientists are still confused as to how this happened as a ‘close call’ with Earth would have ripped the moon apart. The Moon’s mean density is 3.34 times that of water whereas Earth’s … Read More

10 things that will make you go ‘What the Dickens!’ about Dickens

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From A Muppet’s Christmas Carol to the current televised series on the BBC – Dickensian, Charles Dickens’ works continue to be immortalised. On the 7th of February, Charles Dickens turned 204 years old and continues to be as famous today as he was whilst living. To celebrate and reflect on … Read More