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Fall Out Boy & Fandoms: Why Teen Girls Deserve A Break

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In case you haven’t already heard, emo megastars Fall Out Boy dropped a new record last month. M A N I A is their 7th full-length album, and their 3rd post-hiatus. If this isn’t news to you then you’ve probably heard a lot of different reviews on the record – … Read More

Fall Out Boy’s ‘MANIA’ is an “Anthem for a New Generation”

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The long awaited MANIA finally dropped after 9 months since it’s first track was revealed, and after being mostly scrapped just a month before the original release date back in September. While some may pine for what could have been, the final result is not disappointing in the least. Fall … Read More

Festival Review: Leeds Festival, 26-28/08/16

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As the Monday morning sun rose across the fields of Bramham park, illuminating the skeletons of abandoned tents and burnt-out fires, the scene looked more like a battlefield than the aftermath of Leeds Fest 2016. The post festival blues that wormed its way through the dreary eyed crowds trudging to … Read More

Make America Psycho Again by Fall Out Boy

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Fall Out Boy have released a remix of American Beauty/American Psycho less than a year from the album’s official release. In an obvious attempt to recreate the sound of the Kanye West remix of ‘This Aint A Scene, It’s An Arms Race’, Make America Psycho Again is even more disappointing … Read More

Fall Out Boy @ First Direct Arena 3/10

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After taking a hiatus in 2009, the future looked bleak for Fall Out Boy. The response to Folie à Deux was disappointing and it was clear that the band were feeling artistically unsatisfied. Going their separate ways, the foursome engaged in other musical endeavours which culminated in them all reuniting … Read More

Music | Review – Paul McCartney, Fall Out Boy & Eliza Doolittle

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Paul McCartney – New (2/5) You would assume that anyone would know who they are by the age of 71, but that’s definitely not the impression formed by Paul McCartney’s most recent album New. It’s a bizarre fusion of genres, and although NME describes the sound as “retro-modernist”, this mash-up makes the … Read More