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Trophy frocks: this year’s key Oscars trends

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Every year, The Oscars present some of the best (and worst) fashion moments. Garments, frocks and frills that will undoubtedly be coveted, copied or ridiculed through the rest of the year. Leaving huge impressions, most people can probably comment more on the extravagant evening wear than the actual awards handed … Read More

Coats, coats, coats

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The faux fur, puffer or wool: you decide. Despite the chilly weather outside we still need to find ways to look our best in this winter weather. One of the best ways to jazz up an outfit while still looking stylish is with one of the most used items in … Read More

A How To: Layering

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The Beast from the East has definitely made itself at home in Leeds, completely ruining the spring vibes we had in mind for the next few months. To keep warm and stay chic, layers on layers is exactly what you need. Style Editor, Sara AlHumiri, gives you the low-down on … Read More

One step too far?

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Just how insensitive is Gucci’s use of the sikh turban at PFW? In this midst of Milan fashion week, Gucci presented its fall collection. And although it has mainly been in the news for its use of severed heads, third eyes and even baby dragons, the collection featured a piece … Read More

Fashion of The Future: Technology on The Runway

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With technology constantly evolving and advancing, it only seems natural for the fashion industry to follow suit. That’s why it’s no surprise that this season has seen designers bringing technology straight to the runway in ways that has got everyone talking about their shows.  Dolce & Gabbana’s Milan Fashion Week … Read More

Trends Alert: stay in touch with style in 2018

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Keeping up with the trends in such a rapidly changing fashion world can be near impossible, however fashion writer, Jemima Ward, is here to help. As winter draws to a close, there’s more than a couple of trends that are worth trying out, whilst there’s also plenty of inspiration for … Read More

Fashion in the workplace

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Is it fair men have to suit up while women have more flexibility? When it comes to fashion, boundaries are being broken everyday. Gender neutral clothing has started popping up throughout some of our favourite shops, with skirts no longer being exclusively for women and trouser suits no longer exclusive … Read More

Is Depop the future of fashion?

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Love it, hate it, or simply can’t be bothered with it – there’s no denying that Depop is a key player in the fashion world, and not an app to be overlooked. But does Depop have an expiry date? And is it building a sustainable community, or simply encouraging unnecessary  purchases?  … Read More

Introducing: The Basement

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Formed only a few years ago, The Basement has quickly garnered an active community on a mass scale. It began as a streetwear group, both as a place for discussion around clothing, but also to facilitate the buying and selling of such items. Fast forward to now, and the group … Read More

Fashion positivity in 2018: London Fashion Week

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Fashion lovers from all over the world are finding their way back to London for February’s fashion week 2018. Designers presented their new autumn/winter for 2018 styles in front of bloggers, models and top designers. This fashion week had two different purposes. On the one hand they presented new styles … Read More