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Radio 1 & 2 Must Play 50% New Music

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Ofcom, the UK’s government-approved media regulator, has recently altered its guidelines for BBC Radio 1 and 2. It has ordered both stations to play more “new music” on their daytime shows; for Radio 1 50% and Radio 2 20%. Ofcom has also clarified its definition of “new music”. According to … Read More

Making Music Herstory Vol VII: Daphne Oram

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I can honestly say I have never enjoyed researching another article more than I enjoyed this one. Daphne Oram is a wonder. A pioneer of ‘music concrete’ and one of the unknown, underappreciated godmothers of electronic music, Oram was the first woman to do many things: manage and direct an … Read More

Rap’s Future is Female. Get Used to it.

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It’s no question that women have played a vital part in the evolution of rap and hip hop. So why are female rappers so often overshadowed by their male counterparts? It seems reductive to brand 2018 as the year of female rap, seeing as the likes of Lauryn Hill, Lil’ … Read More

LGBTQ+ Music Icons: Past and Present

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The world of music would be both very different and much less interesting without the numerous contributions from members of the LGBTQ+ community. Coinciding with LGBTQ+ history month, here are some highly celebrated artists,  both old and new. Freddie Mercury A talented musician and performer, Freddie Mercury will always be … Read More

Your Face it Has No Place: Where are Women Meant to Stand in a Scene Like Britpop?

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Are women welcome in the masculine sphere of Britpop? Digital Associate, Juliette Rowsell, discusses her experience at a Liam Gallagher concert that turned into a display of lad culture at its grittiest. When you think of Liam Gallagher, what do you think of? Cigarettes and alcohol? The epitome of the … Read More

On the Radar 2018: Local Leeds

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It’s undeniable that Leeds has one of the best music scenes in the country, hosting a plethora of quality bands and energising an inspiring DIY culture. LSR’s Head of Music James Ward highlights the city’s most exciting up-and-coming bands. Hookworms The 2nd and 3rd of March are two of the … Read More

Volunteering Abroad: Do You Only Get What You Give?

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This summer, I undertook a volunteering placement in Senegal, West Africa, doing a care placement to help street children, called ‘Talibés’, in a volunteer centre. Talibés are young boys aged from as young as three to twenty-one years old, who have been sent into urban areas to go to school … Read More

Life as a ‘Third Culture Kid’

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Does your accent change depending on who you’re talking to? Do you randomly slip foreign slang into your sentences? Have you spent absurd amounts of time on airplanes? If the answer to those questions is mostly a yes, you belong to the puzzling yet intriguing category of the Third Culture … Read More

Group Chats on Social Media: Friend or Foe?

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The Gryphon explores the pros and cons of group chats on social media forums, their effects upon friendships, mental health, and our collective social interaction. Group chats with people you know well are wholly unlike the chats you have for, say, the group presentation for that module you don’t care too … Read More


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As clichéd as it sounds, my ‘gap yah’ really was up there as one of the best years of my life. I had the compulsory ‘once in a lifetime’ experiences and met people from all over the world, which meant I returned home feeling confident with a readiness to tackle … Read More