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The legalisation of drugs worldwide

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The British media in the past year or so has seen a fixation with ‘legal highs’, and more specifically, why they are still legal when we know they can cause harm. One could be forgiven for believing that when a drug is legal, we are all in danger from falling … Read More

We meat again: vague-etarianism

4 years ago / 144 comments

After being a vegetarian for seven years, the editor of The Gryphon, Jasmine Andersson, discusses why she decided to start eating meat again, the social pressures of being a vegetarian and her reasons for initialling giving up meat. ‘And you’re going to do it for the rest of your life?’ asked … Read More

Zwarte Piet: The Dutch tradition of Black Pete falls under increasing scrutiny

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The Dutch national holiday Sinterklaas is now under international scrutiny. St Nicholas, an old white saint who hands out presents, has a servant by the name of Zwarte Piet, or ‘Black Pete.’ Despite obvious connotations with the Dutch slave trade, Black Pete is a hotly debated topic in the Netherlands. … Read More

A Divided Germany: 25 Years since the fall of the Berlin Wall

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Although Remembrance Sunday will this year be focusing on the centenary of the First World War, the day also marks the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. For those who lived during the Cold War there was a constant sense of anxiety, with the threat of nuclear … Read More

“The media is the thing which is harming the Muslims the most.”

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Over recent months, the terrorist group Islamic State has dominated newspaper headlines around the world. Their actions are contradictory to the peaceful religion of Islam, but this has not always been made clear by political leaders or the mainstream media. The Gryphon spoke to the president of Leeds University’s Islamic … Read More

Protein, Power-lifting and Push-up Bras: Weight lifting and the Modern Woman

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The Gryphon caught up with local Leeds athlete Karina Nielsen, who has recently competed in the UK bodybuilding and Fitness Federation’s British Championships after obtaining an impressive first-place victory in the East England regional qualifiers. We spoke to her about her experiences competing in a sport that is still sometimes … Read More

So…Where are you from?

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Black History Month calls for a reflection on the rich history of a range of cultures, and we need not explain why there is a whole month dedicated to doing so. Looking back into the past at black history reminds us today how much has changed and progressed in Britain … Read More

Interview with Elorm Haligah

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Elorm Haligah talks to The Gryphon about employment inequality, the importance of volunteering, and being president of Nottingham ACS! When I manage to pin Elorm Haligah down for a chat, he is just about to begin chairing The Great Debate tour, which he now runs, and has previously been a … Read More

Features Editor Brigitte Phillips Gets the Chop!

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It has finally happened, something I have been building up to for well over a year, I cut off all my hair. Well, not exactly all of it, but a significant chunk of it. My long hair has always been an integral part of my identity for as long as … Read More

“Life is about compromise. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good”

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I’ve known about Helen Lewis for a while now. If you hadn’t clocked her name in a copy of the New Statesman, both as a Deputy Editor and a contributor, then you might have seen her on feminist debate events, the Sunday Politics, the Today Programme, Women’s Hour and other … Read More