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Ohio’s Bill 565: The Latest Threat To Women’s Reproductive Rights In The US

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A Bill has been introduced in the Ohio House of Representatives that could dramatically affect the access women have to abortions. House Bill 565 proposes to expand the legislature’s definition of a ‘person’ to include ‘unborn human’. This comes just after Ohio recently passed what is known as the ‘heartbeat … Read More

The Gender Pain Bias: Women, Your Pain Is Not ‘All In Your Head’

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While we live in an era attempting to tackle serous inequalities faced by women, such as the gender pay gap, one very important problem is being overlooked: the gender pain gap. Female pain is often conflated with emotional distress, and therefore discredited. The word hysteria originates from the Greek word … Read More

We’re Not Doing Enough for Women Abused by Loved Ones

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For thousands of women across the world, the men closest to them are the most dangerous. The 25th November marked the start of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence to combat violence against women around the world. With this day came the release of new data by the … Read More

Thank U, Next

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There’s no denying that Ariana Grande has undergone an enormous change since her days as Cat Valentine in Nickelodeon’s hit show ‘Victorious’. And despite the swirl of controversy surrounding Ariana Grande – allegedly demanding that her body guard carries her, feuds with co-stars, diva behaviour, the infamous ‘I hate Americans’ … Read More

Just For Show: Lacklustre New Scheme Demonstrates the Government’s Disregard for Working Class Women

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Penny Mordaunt, the Minister for Women and Equalities, has unveiled a campaign to increase female working-class employment levels, focusing particularly on getting more women into well paid and high-skilled jobs. She said: “it will be our mission to ensure that every woman in the UK has as much freedom, choice, … Read More

#MeToo Gains Momentum in Bollywood

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An eruption of sexual allegations has hit India’s film industry since October when Bollywood’s #MeToo movement began to emerge. The recent outcry of sexual abuse has encouraged greater scrutiny of the film industry, leading to huge programme changes at the Jio MAMI Mumbai film festival, which took place from 25th … Read More

Is Feminism a commodity?

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Following the recent #MeToo allegations against Topshop owner Sir Philip Green, Harriet Timmins discusses the fine lines which come with political fashion. In the wake of what has been dubbed the British #MeToo scandal, which has seen Sir Philip Green – the man that dominates our high street – accused … Read More

Estrons Rock Belgrave Music Hall with Fiery Set, 01.11.18

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‘A girl is walking alone at night and a stranger shouts abuse at her – does she deserve it?’ You shout ‘NO’, of course, back at Estrons’ lead singer, Tali Källström, along with the rest of the crowd. ‘Am I a slut? Or am I just dressed like I want … Read More

Concepts Of Gender Versus Concepts Of Character

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Fans are loyal towards their favourite characters. Often, the biggest backlash a director may face won’t be for changing their camera work or for switching up their staging, but rather, for changing the most noticeable aspect: the casting. Judi Dench – a colossus of the acting world – has been … Read More

Problematic Damsels- Are tales of Knights in Shining Armour behind us?

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Cinderella. Sleeping Beauty. Snow White. These titles are just a few of the Disney classics which we are all to varying degrees familiar with. Fantastical tales that follow the same familiar trope: boy meets girl, adversity is faced, obstacles are overcome, rags to riches- you know the one. But these … Read More