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Estrons Rock Belgrave Music Hall with Fiery Set, 01.11.18

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‘A girl is walking alone at night and a stranger shouts abuse at her – does she deserve it?’ You shout ‘NO’, of course, back at Estrons’ lead singer, Tali Källström, along with the rest of the crowd. ‘Am I a slut? Or am I just dressed like I want … Read More

Concepts Of Gender Versus Concepts Of Character

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Fans are loyal towards their favourite characters. Often, the biggest backlash a director may face won’t be for changing their camera work or for switching up their staging, but rather, for changing the most noticeable aspect: the casting. Judi Dench – a colossus of the acting world – has been … Read More

Problematic Damsels- Are tales of Knights in Shining Armour behind us?

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Cinderella. Sleeping Beauty. Snow White. These titles are just a few of the Disney classics which we are all to varying degrees familiar with. Fantastical tales that follow the same familiar trope: boy meets girl, adversity is faced, obstacles are overcome, rags to riches- you know the one. But these … Read More

Making Misandry A Hate Crime Hinders The Fight For Gender Equality

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For hundreds of years, women have been oppressed and victimised by men and yet, the crimes committed against women have failed to be categorised as hate crimes. A hate crime is defined as a crime where the perpetrator is motivated by hostility or demonstrates hostility to a victim’s race, sexual … Read More

Women Come In All Shapes And Sizes: The ASA Was Right To Ban Breast Enlargement Ads

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‘Love Island’: a guilty pleasure for most on a warm summer’s night. What you may have also been watching in the breaks was MYA’s breast enlargement TV adverts, which branded the surgery as the opportunity to feel ‘amazing’. Twenty-eight formal complaints later, the ASA has ruled the adverts ‘irresponsible and … Read More

Outrage As Topshop Dismantles Feminist Pop-up Stand

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Topshop was under fire last week after the removal of a feminist pop-up book promotion stand at their flagship Oxford Street store in London. The partnership was set up between Topshop and Penguin Publishers to promote feminist books including “Feminists Don’t Wear Pink (And Other Lies)” which was written in … Read More

Women in Isolation: Semiramis at The Tetley

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Semiramis, an exhibition by Tai Shani, explores human concepts of patriarchy and how the female sex can exist in isolation throughout nature. It is currently running at The Tetley art gallery, a 5 minute walk from Leeds train station. Walking over the Leeds Bridge, it is noticeable how different this … Read More

The Glass Ceiling We’re Not Even Close to Breaking

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Sheryl Sandberg, the CEO of Facebook, graduated university in a pool of graduates with a roughly equal male-female ratio. Above her was a male-dominated hierarchy that she imagined would decline as she progressed up the career ladder thanks to the efforts against gender discrimination in the workplace made by the … Read More

One Year On: How #MeToo Has Affected Film

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Once the Harvey Weinstein scandal surfaced last year, a total of 87 women came together and spoke out about his treatment of women. But how has that changed the way women are treated in the industry? Feminism on and around the silver screen is perhaps beginning to be taken more … Read More

Illustrator Carol Rossetti’s drawings of women could be a wonderful way of protesting gender prejudice on a global scale.

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At a time of #MeToo, women’s marches and period poverty, women around the world still very much face barriers because of their gender. It only takes a quick scroll through the news headlines to recognise that such prejudices are still roaring; from the reports on pay inequality to stories making … Read More