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We don’t need more Disney princes

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It seems to be written in the Disney movie rule books that where there’s a girl, there has to be a boy. But not just any boy. Disney law states that every girl needs a saviour, someone to complete what was so blatantly incomplete before and rescue her from what … Read More

"My body, my business"

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October 3rd could have been a massive game changer for Polish women. An Estimated 20,000 protesters, dressed in black, made it to streets of over 60 cities and towns all over the country to stand up against the anti-abortion bill. The protesters wore black as a symbol of mourning over … Read More

Nipple-Bocker-Glory: “I wanted to capture nipples whether they’re big, small, inverted, hairy or bumpy”

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Inspired by the Free The Nipple campaign, Josie Partridge has created Nipple-Bocker-Glory, a jewellery range created using casts of nipples in all shapes and size. Here she talks to editor-in-chief Jessica Murray about inclusive feminism, body shaming and her grandma’s 84-year-old nipples… It’s been two years since the Free The … Read More

Stop beliddleing women!

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After reading Rod Liddle’s misogynistic piece on Emma Watson, all you can do is gasp. The irony is perfect. A speech at the UN on fighting for the equality of women, dismissed as ‘whiny, leftie, PC crap’. There’s a difference between going crazy, political correctness, and fighting inequality. It’s ridiculous! … Read More

Emma Watson vs. The Sun

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Since rising to fame as a child actress in one of the world’s biggest movie franchises, Emma Watson has used her status to fight for gender equality. She first moved us with her speech at the UN HeForShe conference back in 2014, in which she explained feminism, her personal experience … Read More

Men, trust me, the feminists are not out to get you

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If you are a man reading this then let me set your mind at rest: the feminists are not out to get you. In fact, strange as it may sound, feminism is a good thing for men. Why else would the philosopher John Stuart Mill have written The Subjection of … Read More

Nudity: Empowering or Objectifying?

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Nudity in art is not new; in fact, it is considered commonplace in the realm of art with the naked female form traditionally and intrinsically having a place in this world. So,why is female nudity still sometimes met with outrage in the fashion industry? Why does one nude shoot still … Read More

The Female Creative Space

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Putting It Into Practice: The Catwalk Body

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There are huge strides being made in the fight for feminism, and by its female centric nature the fashion industry could seemingly be something to hold up as an example of female strength and independence. Catwalks are often about accentuating and celebrating women, yet the disparity we see between catwalk … Read More

Can Fashion and Feminism Work Together? Part Two

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Firstly, the world of fashion is invaluable as a contributor to the ‘establishment of the political, social, and economic rights of the female sex’. The career opportunities generated for women by the industry are incomparable; editors, stylists, designers, writers, merchandisers, management, the career choices are endless. Of Conde Nast’s magazines … Read More