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Christmas cupcakes with snow meringue icing

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  Lighter than a proper Christmas cake, but just as fruity and alcohol-sodden. Don’t be put off by the amount of ingredients, you can always swap the nuts or dried fruit for others you prefer – cherries, dates, and almonds all work well in this recipe. Ingredients (for 12-15 cakes) … Read More

Gluten-free mince pies

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These tasty festive treats are made using simple and affordable ingredients. They are gluten free (to help avoid that Christmas bloat), and the only sweetener used is honey, which is much more nutrient-dense than refined sugar. You will need: A muffin/bun tray with 12 holes Cling film Pastry Ingredients (for … Read More

Sparkle, Don’t Fade

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Festive fun is amongst us as the temperature plummets and the layers are pulled out of the closet for the long haul. But the perks of the winter season cannot be forgotten. As we reach for metallic hues, leather fringing, faux fur and that must-have jumper; we can head out … Read More

Blogs | Planes, Trains and Catherine Wheels

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December has passed by in a blur of mulled wine, Christmas lights and general festive merriment. Sitting down to write this post I was actually confronted with the thought ‘Where did the time go?’ which makes me feel like a nostalgic fifty-something reminiscing about her bygone youth. As always at … Read More

Blogs | Merry Bleedin' Christmas

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I’m writing this from bed, clad in the most hideous of multi-coloured jumpers and thinking of excuses to relieve me from a night out. Because the truth is this: despite the twinkling of Christmas lights in the city centre, the jingles playing incessantly on the radio like a chronic case … Read More

Beauty: Be the Belle of the Ball

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The festive season has sprung upon us once again so whether you like it or loathe it, its time to up the ante and inject some festive glamour into your evening look.