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Student pauses degree to launch FGM charity

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A university student has taken a year out of her degree to successfully launch a charity in Leeds. Bethel Tadesse is originally from Leeds but studies at Northampton University. While students often take time between their second and third years to study abroad or complete a year in industry, Bethel … Read More

FGM: a gross violation of human rights

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Female genital mutilation (FGM) is often synonymous with female genital circumcision, but the latter label is misleading and only serves to soften the barbarity of FGM. While the general topic of circumcision does generate its own debate, FGM is not something that can logically be defended. Nevertheless, it is a pervasive … Read More

Books | Sex and the Citadel – Reconsidering attitudes towards sexuality in the Arab world

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The Middle East is present in media outlets everyday yet, in the West, sexuality in Arab culture is still only tentatively discussed. The difficult subject matter is made accessible to all readers as Shereen El Feki, a journalist and former medic who has ties to Canada, Wales and Egypt, is … Read More

Comment | An End to FGM

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The issue of female sexuality has long been a taboo subject, and still is to a certain extent, even in our seemingly liberal society. A recent study by Barbara Bartlik of Cornell University has even come to the conclusion that women are taught to suppress their sexuality. The test group … Read More