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LIFF: Suspiria Review

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To call Luca Guadagnino’s Suspiria a remake would be a disservice to both this reinvention and the original. Dario Argento’s 1977 giallo horror masterpiece stands on its own pedestal and its synonymous vibrant colour palette remains iconic. The new Suspiria is an entirely different beast. The narrative bones are the same: a young American … Read More

Review: Rainbow Collective Film Festival – "Bafana" and "AmaZulu: The Children of Heaven"

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The Rainbow Collective Film Festival, hosted by the University of Leeds, last week screened humanitarian films produced by the graduates of the Northern Film School in Leeds, Richard York and Hannan Majid. The two short films Bafana and Amazulu: The Children of Heaven, are extremely inspiring documentaries giving an insight into … Read More

Preview: No/Gloss Film Festival

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It’s no secret that low-to-no budget filmmaking is on the rise across the UK and the rest of the world. With advancements in technology and ever-reducing software costs, amateur and wannabe directors, actors, editors and producers (not to mention writers, cinematographers, and the whole host of other crew members required … Read More

Arts | Preview – No/Gloss Film Festival

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Image: the-totality.com, Video: No Gloss Film Festival The independent film festival No Gloss is returning to Leeds for its third year. Showing mainly a series of short films throughout the day, starting from two minutes long, it is also showing a few feature length pictures. It states in the programme that … Read More

Film | No/Gloss Film Festival – engaging with film

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5/5 Stars The desolate spaces of Canal Mills was taken over this past weekend by No/Gloss Film Festival for the second edition of Leeds’ own DIY film festival. The vast, bare warehouse of the 19th Century mill turned into two screening areas showing a packed program of 87 films. Ranging … Read More