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England Is Mine Review

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Stephanie Bennett gives us the rundown on the controversial biopic every indie fan will want to see. The recently-released biopic about the teenage life of Morrissey in the 1970s manages to capture not only his pretentious dramatism but somehow succeeds in making it charming. Despite this, the film has drawn … Read More

The “film many of us need to see right now”: Dunkirk Review

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Chloe Smith delves into Christopher Nolan’s most recent work as she explores the function of its blockbuster form. Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan’s latest offering, is a refreshingly minimalist piece compared to his previous works like Inception or Interstellar. Dunkirk quickly becomes a nail-biting, cinematic thriller, more so than a classic account of … Read More

Review: Rahm – A moral exploration of the complexities of virtue

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A Sufi adaptation of Shakespeare’s play ‘Measure for Measure’, Rahm is a thought-provoking exploration of the uniformity of belief that has been present in religion for centuries. Shakespeare’s 16th Century Vienna is transformed into the modern day city of Lahore, Pakistan. Whilst the urban landscapes contrast dramatically, the religious and … Read More

Review: The Fits – Why is being a teenage girl so traumatic?

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Developed and produced through the 2014/15 edition of the Venice Biennale Cinema College program, The Fits is a micro-budget film written, produced and directed by first-timer Anna Rose Holmer. Holmer manages to convey a strange and interesting film into its lean 72-minute runtime that has an abundance of eerie and … Read More

Review: A Cure for Wellness

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After watching A Cure For Wellness, lot of people have picked up on how it pays tribute to a lot of early, low budget, high-camp b movies like Sam Fuller’s Shock Corridor. There have been similar throwbacks to films of this genre in recent years with pieces like Martin Scorsese’s … Read More

‘Inferno’ Review – In Its Own Purgatory

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With a supposed star-studded cast of Tom Hanks, Felicity Jones and Irrfan Khan, you’d perhaps expect Ron Howard’s third instalment of the Da Vinci Code trilogy to be somewhat interesting. In reality, the most exciting part of the film was leaving when it had finished. Dan Brown’s novels, contrived, monotonous … Read More

Review: Florence Foster Jenkins – A Tragic and Hilariously Terrible Siren

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The world couldn’t seem to get enough of Florence Foster Jenkins, a wealthy New York socialite often referred to over the years as ‘the worst opera singer in the world’. Even today, she remains unforgotten, with two films inspired by her life story appearing over the past two years; first … Read More

Review: Hardcore Henry – Offensively bad

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There’s nothing I enjoy more than a director experimenting with new techniques to better convey their artistic vision. Shot entirely from a first-person perspective, Hardcore Henry makes its unique selling point clear from the start. Unfortunately, it never really amounts to much more than a gimmick. The plot reluctantly follows … Read More

Midnight Special – A sci-fi road movie

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Two men, a little boy, a car and the night are the main elements Midnight Special starts its journey with. It opens with a few road movie clichés: a car, the road and its passengers escaping or heading somewhere. However, Midnight Special, as its title indicates, is special, and the … Read More

Review: The Jungle Book – A treat for all senses

3 years ago / 143 comments

Everyone is familiar with the 1967 animation, so this new version of The Jungle Book had a lot to live up to. Those who were concerned need not have worried, though, because this film definitely delivers, in a big way. Directed by Jon Favreau of Iron Man fame, it gives new life to … Read More