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5 Must-See Halloween Films

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With Halloween fast approaching, here are a few must-see Halloween films… 1. IT – 2017 IT is an American supernatural horror film directed by Argentinean director, Andy Muschietti. This is the first of a two-part film adaptation of Stephen King’s 1986 killer clown novel. This terrifying clown movie, about a shape-shifting … Read More

Film Fans Wave Goodbye to Another Rental Service

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As rates of digitalisation continue to soar, cinephiles have once again been forced to bid farewell to a fond old friend. Amazon-owned postal DVD renting service ‘LoveFilm’ ceased to trade on the 31st October, a popular day known for its celebration of Halloween and consequent heavy focus on films from … Read More

Only the Pretty Girls Get Assaulted: Mayim Bialik, You Are Not a Feminist   

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In a week where more and more actresses stepped forward to pledge their own allegations of sexual assault and harassment against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, one response stood out for me amongst all the others. You’ll probably know Mayim Bialik as Sheldon Cooper’s geeky girlfriend Amy Farrah Fowler in The ... Read More

Disney remakes: there is nothing wrong with childhood nostalgia

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Disney’s remake of Beauty and the Beast revealed a confusing streak among their legions of fans. News that a minor character would be openly implied to be gay saw praise heaped upon it by the fans who have grown up on the company’s movies, and have now come of age. … Read More

How to heal a fractured world

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Maya encourages us all to think about what inspires us, and how we can use it to all get a little bit more positivity into our lives. I was recently added to a Facebook group called ‘How to heal a fractured world’ which was created by one of my close … Read More

From The Breakfast Club to Juno: low budget movies that made it big time

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It is not common to see low budget movies excel at the box office as they’re normally in the shadow of high concept blockbusters. The top 20 highest grossing films of all time consist mainly of big budget movies and sequels. For instance, it’s not likely to see an independent … Read More

A sparse summer in film?

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So that’s it. The summer is over, and with it the blockbuster film season. But, if like me, you’re wondering what blocks were actually busted by this holiday’s rather dismal offering, then I am here to validate your disappointment. If, however, you chose not to see any of the hotter … Read More

Freeview flicks of the week: Citizen Kane, 21 Jump Street and Amy

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Sunday 3rd Citizen Kane BBC4 9pm Alright film buffs, no excuses now. If you haven’t already seen the father of all films, now is your chance. Even if you just watch this one to tick the box, it’s surprisingly worth it. Its deceptively simple storyline about the death of a newspaper … Read More

Freeview flicks of the week: Cool Runnings, The Hobbit and Catch Me If You Can

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Sunday 27th Hugo 3.35pm Channel 4 Hugo acts as director Martin Scorsese’s love letter to the art of filmmaking. Essentially a family film, its plot revolves around a young orphan boy living in a busy Paris train station and the automaton he is desperately trying to fix. There are plenty … Read More

Freeview flicks of the week: The Big Lebowski, The Secret Garden and Jurassic Park

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Sunday 20th December Home Alone 6pm Channel 4 It’s not really Christmas time until you’ve seen Home Alone, is it? Not until you’ve snarled along to ‘Keep the change you filthy animals,’ and seen Macauley Culkin having the time of his life, accidentally home alone when his family go on … Read More