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Ten Best-Paid Jobs for University Students, Surveys Suggest

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Want a lucrative part-time job to see you through the academic year? Here’s a run-down of the 10-best paid jobs out there. Just put my work shifts into my calendar and loooool why am I so fully booked for the next couple of weeks??? I love it tho having my … Read More

App-only Start-up Banks – A Threat To Traditional Banking?

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Now that nearly everything can be done via an app on our phones, such as seeing a GP or getting a flight boarding pass, it’s not surprising that banking has also followed suit, with many app-only banks appearing in recent years as an alternative to traditional banking, such as Monzo … Read More

The Crime Behind The Bitcoin Craze

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A common and prolific criticism of cryptocurrencies is their vulnerability and susceptibility to cyber corruption. There is good reason behind this concern, too; just this week, Europol director Rob Wainwright pronounced that there has been a significant increase in cybercrime of this nature. He estimated that around 4% of all … Read More

Crypto Credit Crunch: Virgin Money Bans Credit Card Customers Buying Cryptocurrencies

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Virgin Money said “Following a review of our policies, I can confirm customers will no longer be able to use their Virgin Money credit card to purchase crypto-currencies.” This follows a similar move by Lloyds Banking Group earlier in the month citing concerns that customers are at risk of racking … Read More

Should We Really Be Scared of Student Debt?

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Following a report from the Institute of Fiscal Studies earlier this year, it was revealed that over 70% of students who left University in 2016 are expected never to repay their student loans in full. These figures suggest that future university graduates will be in a similar position: saddled with … Read More

A Week For, Hopefully, a Long Career in Finance

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Photo from : Wikipedia Most people interested in Finance will have heard of the so-called “Spring weeks”; the mystical and elusive ‘internships’ for first years. I got accepted for three internships: Rothschild and HSBC, which I managed to attend, and UBS, which I was unfortunately not able to attend due … Read More

Loans For Sale

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On Monday the Government announced plans to sell student loans to private investors. The deal will involve around 4 billion pounds’ worth of loans from almost half a million students whose repayments began between 2002 – 2006. In an effort to cut national debt, the government will sell the loans … Read More

Features | Money on my mind – Students struggling to make ends meet

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An increasing number of students are running into financial trouble, largely due to failures in the student finance system and the rise of tuition fees. We talk to two very different students about their experiences of dealing with their finances while at university.   I think my initial aspirations for … Read More

Comment | 9k fees, are you getting enough?

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The introduction of top-up fees in 2006 marked a watershed moment for the future of Higher Education and now, two years since their increase to £9,000, we’re seeing further barriers to students coming to university. The privatisation of the student loan book was a hot topic on campus last week … Read More

News | Leeds VC receives £36,000 pay rise

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The Vice Chancellor received a £36,000 pay rise in the last financial year, LS can reveal. A university financial report reveals that the Leeds VC received £318,000 annual pay for the 2012/13 financial year compared to £282,000 the previous year. This comes after higher education staff went on strike for … Read More