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A forward thinking team to match a forward-thinking collection: are museums developing their internal power structures fast enough?

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Looking at many museums in the world today, it is easy to see how the structure of their collections has become far more diversified. Over time, exhibitions of gallery collections in larger art institutions have started to become more inclusive. They have started to erase older presentations of history by … Read More

Richard Mosse: Incoming – Reimagining a contemporary issue through an unexpected medium

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Seeing Incoming marked my first visit to the Barbican Centre, which meant a brief, yet anxious period of traipsing around a brutalist labyrinth of concrete in order to find the exhibition space. I don’t think I have ever felt more lost than when I was searching for an entrance in … Read More

Dance like nobody’s watching? – Why students should see more ballet

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What is it about a dance performance that makes it an inaccessible, unpopular activity for students? I don’t think there’s any doubt that going to the ballet, for example, holds definite connotations of an activity that is reserved for the elite. I can easily understand how some might see it … Read More

Review: The Moorside

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As it marks nearly a decade since the appeal and search for nine-year-old Shannon Matthews in 2008, BBC One’s two-part series, The Moorside, revisits the unusual event that grasped the attention of the local community, as well as news nationwide. Shannon’s disappearance in Dewsbury was said to be the biggest … Read More

Periphery at Lady Beck Studies

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Lady Beck Studios is off to a flying start in the Leeds art scene with a new exhibition from Clare Holdstock. We sent Fiona Holland to investigate… Tucked away in the heart of Mabgate, is the recently founded Lady Beck Studios and Project Space, formerly known as Enjoy Art Space. … Read More

An artist from two worlds: György Gordon

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The Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery opens its doors to a retrospective of the artist György Gordon: Sixty years after the ill-fated Hungarian Revolution of 1956, the University’s Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery mark its anniversary by opening its doors to a new exhibition, György Gordon (1945-2005) a retrospective. The collection … Read More