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This Old Dog by Mac Demarco

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Mac is back. But it’s definitely not bigger than ever. He has spent his time developing a real caricature of himself, letting his musical outputs slide. His lack of hygiene, dry humour, goofy style and give-a-fuck stoner attitude has allowed his already healthy adolescent following to grow. He’s done interviews … Read More

Laura Marling @ O2 Academy, 8/3/17

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Laura Marling’s Semper Femina is a confident and detailed expression of femininity, owing much of its success to Blake Mills’ meticulous production and unusual instrumentation. Wednesday 8th March saw Marling grace Leeds’ O2 Academy, offering a stripped back but ultimately satisfying rendition of the album before its release and some … Read More

One Night With Roman Flügel at Wire 24/02

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  Roman Flügel – an elder statesman of the techno scene; a DJ of unfaltering professionalism and talent; another to take their place behind the decks at Wire for an All Night Long shindig. The night started as they always do: the punters bopping and swaying to the tunes as … Read More

Darling Marling: Laura Marling’s student conference

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An admirable feminist. A woman of inexplicable guitar skills. A slender, pale goddess with the voice of an angel. Laura Marling is the six-string strumming 27-year-old whose poetic folk has no doubt influenced your life at some point. Starting out at the youthful age of 17, by 21 she had … Read More

Review: Leaves of Glass – a small cast pays off

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Frontline Theatre is Leeds’ newest theatre company, set up by alumnus Hugo Salter. Running this week is Leaves of Glass by Philip Ridley, an ambitious choice which deals with death, grief, love, loyalty and most importantly, sibling rivalry and relationship. Overall, the show was well performed and the small cast … Read More

Veganism: Compassion for animals and the environment

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With Christmas pretty much around the corner, much of the Western world and this country particularly, will be brewing up for a period of overindulgence, with everything in excess: drinking, partying and most importantly, food. Nothing says Christmas like the twinkling tree in the front room, festooned with ribbons and … Read More

Shaken not stirred – all you need to know about the New Zealand earthquake

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A 7.5 magnitude quake struck New Zealand just after midnight on Sunday, 13th November. Since then, thousands of powerful aftershocks of varying intensity and proximity to the East of the South Island coast have continued to shake the country, with a 5.9 strength quake striking just the other day (22nd … Read More

Joan As Policewoman @ Belgrave, 15/11/16

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Arriving at Belgrave at the end of a long, chilly day, catching the tail end of Fil Bo Riva sent me into blissful reverie. Creaking into one of the luxurious leather sofas at the bar, it wasn’t long until one of the members of what could only be described as … Read More

Preview: Samiyam @ Headrow House, 17/11/16

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Sam Baker, the L.A. based artist also known as Samiyam, is renowned for his pioneering instrumental hip-hop beats, synths and samples. Going way back as one of the first artists to be produced by FlyLo’s Brainfeeder label, Baker boasts collaborations and liaisons with some of the biggest and best names … Read More

LUU Theatre Roundup: Part 1

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It‘s been a busy couple of weeks for the University of Leeds‘ student theatre groups. In The Middle give you a taste of our thoughts on the various productions so far. Theatre Group: NSFW “Advertised as a ‘play all about boobs’ by director, Liv Morrissey, the intellectual integrity of TG’s … Read More