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“This is one of the great challenges of our time, and I’d like to see students engaging in this”

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The Gryphon sat down with Professor William Gale, Director of the Centre for Integrated Energy research, to discuss the potential of a fossil free future. As our fossil based energy supplies dwindle and new alternatives begin to emerge amidst the backdrop of pressing climate change, Professor Gale tells us about … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Fracking given the green light in Lancashire

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There is good news for the UK shale gas industry as the government has overturned the previous decision taken by Lancashire County Council to ban the extraction of shale gas in the area. As a result, the energy company Cuadrilla has been given the go-ahead to frack at their Preston … Read More

Consequences of the UK Government’s Fracking Ambition

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During the last fortnight, three of the ‘Big 6’ energy companies – E.ON, SSE and ScottishPower, have announced cuts to their gas prices by 5.1%, 5.3% and 5.4%, respectively. After years of continued rises in gas prices, what has prompted this recent reversal? The answer, in part, is a result … Read More

Fracking frack the frack off, you frackers

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David Cameron has got a fight on his hands. It is no secret that he avidly supports fracking in the UK and has even said he will risk party politics to make sure fracking happens. The most recent push saw Cameron’s government renege on agreements for environmental protections, enforced by … Read More

Debate | What the Frack?

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Households across the UK have been told that they must prepare for a sharp rise in energy bills within two years as Britain comes “dangerously” close to power shortages. So, is Fracking for shale gas the solution to our energy needs? Shale gas is a natural gas found within shale … Read More

Science | Fracking – Energy miracle or environmental catastrophe?

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Much has been said about the controversial process of fracking for natural gas in recent months, particularly in light of the protests in the Sussex village of Balcolme. But what exactly is it and why is it so contentious? In the fracking process a vertical well is drilled to a … Read More