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200 years later Frankenstein Returns for Halloween

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Everybody knows the story of Dr Frankenstein, of the genius whose boundless idealism and ambition festered into something twisted and dark, and of the poor and tortured creature that became his life’s work. However, Liz Lochhead’s Blood & Ice, as reanimated by director Camilla Asher and members of the Leeds … Read More

History’s mad scientists and their obsession with death

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The Ancient Egyptians, Vikings and modern Christianity – all major civilisations and belief systems throughout history have had some predications concerning life after death. In contrast to these beliefs others have attempted to stop or, at the very least, stave off death. Just look at the wonders of modern medicine. … Read More

The Frankestein Chronicles

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As I settled down to watch The Frankenstein Chronicles on ITV encore on a misty evening in Hyde Park, I was expecting an eerie, fog-filled period drama with a whole lot of Sean Bean, and I wasn’t disappointed. A re-imagining of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein set in 19th century London, the … Read More

Bionic Man – Frankenstein or medicinal breakthrough?

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It was in the year 1818 when Mary Shelley released her novel ‘Frankenstein’, envisaging the horror of a man-made monster coming to life, but the concept of a constructed technological being has now become a reality with the creation of the world’s first ‘bionic man’. There are however numerous moral … Read More