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Brazilian Forces Invade Universities in Suppression of Free Speech

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Brazilian media have reported that Brazilian police have staged raids authorised by the electoral authorities, sometimes without warrants, in universities across the country. In these raids, professors were questioned and materials belonging to professors and students were confiscated. Over 20 universities in Brazil were subjected to invasions by military police … Read More

Free Speech on trial in Turkey

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  A destination popular with tourists for its beautiful beaches and mouth-watering kebabs,  but sadly, Turkey is no stranger to the incarceration of their journalists. Taking the lead as the world’s leading jailer of journalists, Turkey surpasses Egypt and China when it comes to suppression of press freedom. The Gryphon … Read More

Free Speech Rules to Hold Universities to Account

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The Government has announced that Universities across England must uphold free speech and that action will be taken against universities who use “no platforming” and “safe spaces” to turn away controversial speakers.  Jo Johnson, the Universities Minister, said: “Free speech is one of the foundations on which our higher education … Read More

One country, two systems?

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Protests have fired up again in central Hong Kong after Beijing delved into Hong Kong’s politics too far for some locals’ liking. This is the latest upset in a stream of unrest since the 2014 Yellow Umbrella Movement. The protests this week were sparked by Beijing’s decision to bar two … Read More

Free speech on campus: the fight is closer to home than you thought

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The liberty of an individual within society is always limited. For society to function, there must exist a degree of oppression on an industrial scale and repression on an individual scale. People cannot simply be left to do as they please. Speech then, or the ability to express oneself, is … Read More

Comment | Why The Mail Is Right

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It’s frankly terrifying how quickly the calls for tougher press regulation can be heard after anything even mildly controversial graces the pages of Britain’s love-hate, social hypochondriac. When the Mail chose to kick the dust up about Labour leader Ed Miliband’s heritage following his intrepid, policy defining speech, I don’t … Read More

Big Debate: Hashtag Democracy

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     With Nick Griffin and Neo-Nazi group Better Hannover being recent examples of controversy on the Twittersphere, Big Debate asks, should Tweets be censored?   “NO” John Briggs The world is full of people with abhorrent views. Nick Griffin, the man so keen to portray himself as the new Churchill but who manages to … Read More

Big Brother Uni tracks your tweets

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The University has admitted to keeping a record of “all internet traffic at the University”. Three students had their access to the Portal blocked last term after posting negative tweets about the University, despite deleting them soon afterwards. One of the students told Leeds Student how they were made to … Read More