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LUU Accessibility Spotlight: Disabled students fight back over “unacceptable” disruption

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“How can we fight for equality and inclusion in a place where we can’t even enter the front door?” One student suffered an asthma attack as a result of paint fumes and a wheelchair user was trapped in a lift for over half an hour, as building work continues to … Read More

The end of Erasmus?

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The Government has refused to comment on the possibility of future students not being able to take part in the European Union student exchange programme following Brexit.  Following a repeated refusal to comment on the future of students being able to take part in the Erasmus+ study programme, there are … Read More

Pints against policy?

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Union offers free pint in return for votes, contradicting assertion it “will never serve an alcoholic drink for less than £1.50”. Leeds University Union’s stance on alcohol has been called into question after they introduced free pints as part of a set of incentives to encourage people to vote in … Read More

Student Exec refuse to back NSS Boycott

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LUU Student Exec decide not to endorse nationwide National Student Survey boycott The LUU student exec have chosen not to endorse the NUS’ National Student Survey (NSS) boycott, a campaign which is attempting to thwart the government’s plans to link tuition fees to teaching quality and thus raise fees around … Read More

Soaring halls prices halted by Exec victory

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Real term rent cuts agreed after cost of accommodation rises 19% in five years. LUU Community Officer Jamie Ali has secured an agreement between LUU and Leeds University to make ‘real term rent cuts’ in the 2017/18 academic year, which will ensure rent costs do not rise higher than inflation. … Read More

Bitter off elsewhere? LUU drinks found to be pricier than first thought

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Gryphon study finds Old Bar and Terrace to be more expensive than local pubs and surrounding red brick universities. After conducting an investigation into the price of alcohol at different universities and local pubs, The Gryphon concludes that LUU is more expensive than similar student outlets and unions across the … Read More

News | 2013 – A year in LS headlines

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LS looks back at our front pages throughout the year, from January onwards. We started the year with two stories of controversial student activity online; investigations into “Sugar Daddy” dating websites and online essay providers:   January 25th: “A regular user of ‘Sugar Daddy’ dating website has spoken exclusively to Leeds … Read More