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Union Condemned For Cultural Appropriation

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Leeds University Union have been plunged into controversy regarding their Halloween event, which, despite being marketed as ‘The Living Dead Festival’, was populated by decorations emblazoned with the phrase ‘Day of The Dead’. This has provoked accusations of cultural appropriation from some members of the student body, who feel that the … Read More

Living Dead gets Groovin’

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Halloween’s spookiest club night production, the Living Dead Festival, descended on Leeds University Union on the 31st of October, ready to flip the Leeds student favourite of Fruity on its head, placing its own unique spin on the well-known space of the union with its plethora of chart music gems … Read More

Edu-Groan: Technical Issues Torment Campus

11 months ago / 0 comments

In an ongoing poll ran by The Gryphon, 88% of the 100 respondents thus far reported issues accessing Eduroam whilst on campus. Of these, 34 students complained that they did not suffer connectivity issues in previous years but do currently, whilst a further 24 claimed that although they have struggled … Read More

What’s Your Flavour? Our Guide to Leeds’ Clubs

12 months ago / 0 comments

In a city like Leeds, its easy to be bewildered by the sheer number of nights out available. With this in mind, Clubs Editors Dan King and Milly Whyman give you a crash course of the best the city has to offer. Cheap ‘n’ Cheesy Pryzm £1 entry? £1 drinks? … Read More

Why are Fruity blurring out VKs from photos?

2 years ago / 0 comments

Photos from Fruity have been edited in an attempt to remove VKs from the image. It has not yet been established why the drinks are being blurred out, although it is possibly to ensure the photos don’t act as advertisements for the brand or to help promote more responsible drinking. VKs (abbreviation for Vodkakicks) … Read More

‘What does Fruity mean to me?’

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This week In The Middle ran an exciting competition asking applicants to summarise their own personal relationships to Fruity in 400 words or less. First place, an inspired piece by Mikhail Hanafi, won a season pass to everyone’s favourite student night, whilst second placed Catherine Woodward won herself a free … Read More

Review – Fools Paradise Festival

2 years ago / 0 comments

Following an inevitable Fresher’s Week spent traipsing from room to room of Leeds’ Student’s Union, attempting to find newly made friends by wading through a dance floor that resembles a sticky sauna, many incoming Leeds students may have felt they had got the hang of it. But when met with … Read More

Freshers Feature – Your Leeds Event Guide

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Cheap & Cheerful Pryzm Drinks are £1. Getting knocked out by a group of locals outside Mcdonalds, priceless. Make it rain with your quids every Monday from 10pm. Bierkeller Four pound for two pints? It comes in a stein!? Bierkeller is brilliant until halfway through first year when someone from your … Read More

Leeds Night Owls: student superheroes

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The Leeds Night Owls are your local student superheroes. Coming out in the darkest hours of the night; saving students; charging phones; the Night Owls are always on hand to keep you safe if you need them. Night Owls is a volunteering service that is ‘run by students, for students’. … Read More

UPDATE: Turder on the Dance Floor: Poopertrator strikes at Fruity

4 years ago / 0 comments

Any Leeds party animal will know the pain of queuing for the nightclub loos, but it seems one student didn’t quite make it when they defecated at Fruity on Friday night. The poopertrator left their unwanted early Christmas present in the corridor at the Union event. An LUU source told … Read More