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Halo Darkness My Old Friend

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Tasked with the daunting challenge of giving an overview of the entire Halo series in the run-up to the release of Halo 5, I decided to replay a few levels from what was arguably the franchise’s zenith – Halo 3. Upon starting it up and hearing the haunting choral theme … Read More

A Spoiler-Free Look At Video Game Endings

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He was dead all along. She was working for the villain. It was all a dream. We recognise these phrases from a catalogue of plot-twist endings that have become almost ludicrously ingrained in popular culture. Books, movies, and TV shows might have been doing it for longer than video games, … Read More

Death By Video Game: Hidden Killer?  

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Halloween is here and the usual offenders are making an appearance: Hannibal Lecters, flesh-eating zombie cheerleaders and mad axe murderers to name a few. Have you ever considered a different killer, however? One more associated with killing time than people, but lurks among all corners of society nevertheless? Death By … Read More

A Controversy That’s Anything But Quiet

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Just a few months ago, millions of fans were preparing themselves for the imminent release of the fifth instalment in director Hideo Kojima’s renowned Metal Gear Solid series, anticipating yet more quality ‘Tactical Espionage Action’ with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The game was set to be one … Read More

Religion in Videogames: Devils, Politics and Prophets

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Religion is as inescapable in videogames as it is in real life, whether you believe in it or not. Whether its presence only extends to brief mentions of gods or it is as blatant as the Stormcloaks vs Imperial conflict in Skyrim, many plots hinge on religion. Belief determines who … Read More

Diversity in Video Games – On The Right Track

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  Just as in other forms of media, race has frequently been a controversial topic in video games, attracting criticism for faults ranging from racial stereotyping to casts consisting solely of white characters. However, while there are still plenty of problematic and exploitative examples, there are a few gems of … Read More

Neverending Nightmares: Mental Illness in Videogames

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“Er, did that doll just blink?” my housemate asked me as I cautiously shrunk back in anticipation. It was hard to tell which doll she was referring to, considering that they littered the decrepit corridor I was edging myself down, and to be honest I didn’t fancy going back to … Read More

Undertale: A (pacifist’s) review

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Typeface-themed skeletons. Spider bake-sales. Melancholic ghosts. Showbiz robots. Overly-excitable dogs. Cinnamon-butterscotch pie. Anime. Welcome to the crazy and adorable world of Toby Fox’s game UNDERTALE: the friendly RPG where nobody has to die. The game’s opening (literally) drops the protagonist, a young human, into a vast cave populated only by … Read More

Freedom, Creativity and Nostalgia for E3

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This year’s E3 convention was the best entertainment I’ve watched all year. Summed up in three words? Creativity, freedom and nostalgia. It’s renewed my faith in the gaming industry’s direction by returning freedom and power to the heart of the gamer. Several large studios will harness the creativity of the … Read More

The Next Generation- When will the developers step up their game?

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It’s been over a year since the release of the 8th generation consoles – PS4 and Xbox One. Yet many of us still haven’t felt excited enough about any of the exclusively new-gen games to throw down over £300. Since the release of the first Playstation in 1994 – which … Read More