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Baroness Sayeeda Warsi addresses students at LUU PakSoc event

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This week, the former Minister of Faith and Communities and Leeds alumni, Baroness Sayeeda Warsi spoke as a guest for an event hosted by LUU Pakistani Society. The event on Thursday, which was publicised as ‘An Audience with Baroness Warsi’, aimed to celebrate the Baroness’ achievements as the first British Asian Muslim … Read More

Made you look, made you think – Banksy in Gaza

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Throughout history the arts have documented and dominated public consciousness, both as a tool of power and of revolution. But if we think about what impacts our lives now, literature, music, and film certainly do, but for most of us the stuff on the inside of a gallery won’t register. … Read More

Comment | Gaza- not the only issue

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Over the past month there have been growing tensions in the Middle East. The most widely reported and well known issue is that of the Gaza strip. Israeli forces and militant group Hamas have been exchanging blows in the form of sporadic fighting and bombing, resulting in mostly innocent Palestinian … Read More

Comment | Let’s talk about Gaza

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The conflict currently raging in Gaza is the third in six years. I use the word ‘conflict’ to describe the confrontation between Israel and Hamas, the Islamic Resistance Movement that governs the Gaza strip, with hesitation. In fact, I probably shouldn’t use it at all. This is because the word … Read More

Inside Palestine: human rights activist and journalist Harry Fear on Gaza

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Harry Fear visited Leeds to talk about what life is like life for ordinary students in Gaza