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Concepts Of Gender Versus Concepts Of Character

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Fans are loyal towards their favourite characters. Often, the biggest backlash a director may face won’t be for changing their camera work or for switching up their staging, but rather, for changing the most noticeable aspect: the casting. Judi Dench – a colossus of the acting world – has been … Read More

Empower Conference 2018 – All You Need to Know About Leeds University’s First Student Led Leadership Conference

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You will almost certainly have seen it being advertised and promoted both online and in the Leeds University Union building, but what exactly is the Empower Conference? Where did the idea for a student-led, company-sponsored and leadership-focused event arise from? In addition to this, why is the Empower Conference a … Read More

Are We Ready For Gender-Neutral Birth?

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The Independent recently published an article which argues for the alteration of the way we perceive gender and how we assign babies gender. The article makes a compelling case for why we, as a society, should no longer assign a new born baby a gender, instead, we should allow them … Read More

Enninful’s first Dazzling December issue of Vogue marks a new fashion era

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Vogue’s new editor-in-chief, Edward Enninful, has released his first ever issue of British Vogue, appearing on newsstands last Friday. Previously criticised for its lack of diversity under Alexandra Shulman’s rule, Enninful has managed to create a Vogue that oozes positivity, inclusivity and solidarity. Enninful has selected Adwoa Aboah, mixed-race British … Read More

Lavinia Woodward – Unfairly Judged

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An Oxford student ‘too bright’ for prison is spared jail for stabbing boyfriend’. If you’ve been active on social media over the last couple of weeks, it likely you’ve seen at least one variant of this shocking piece of news. It’s a brilliant headline really – one simple sentence that … Read More

Gender Disparity with the Pension Pay Gap

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In a recent study carried out by Zurich Insurance, it has been revealed that women are receiving almost £50,000 less into their pensions compared to men. The survey looked into 250,000 pension plans and is one of the largest workplace studies undertaken. It revealed yet again the disparities between men … Read More

Facing the issue: why can’t society accept makeup and men?

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In a world where it is more and more common for men and boys to develop their own style and take an active interest in current fashion trends, why do we still find it so hard to accept that some men want to wear makeup? For the most part, men … Read More

Can Fashion be truly subversive when it comes to gender?

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For From Gucci to Givenchy, the resurgence of androgynous fashion has become an undeniably huge influencer. Culminating with a mass political and cultural understanding of transgender identification, it can be strongly argued that fashion does in fact raise awareness of transgender issues. In the past two years the number of … Read More

I want a steak and a blow-job

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Let me be clear. This isn’t some sort of tirade against basic bitches who want to enjoy Valentine’s Day in all its pink and read heart-shaped glory. And I use basic bitch here as a mightily reclaimed compliment. I adore basic-ness. In my house we have a sort of Cold … Read More

Sex, gender and gender dysphoria

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In a large proportion of the population, the words gender and sex are seemingly interchangeable – a boy will both have male reproductive organs and believe himself to be male. However, there is an important distinction between the two that applies to every human being, but unfortunately is only acknowledged … Read More