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Genetic Manipulation – Ground-breaking or Unethical?

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At times scientific development feels as if it’s hurtling along, with the rapid growth of technology allowing the science community to reach new heights that may have been unheard of only a few years ago. The manipulation of genes within embryos is not a new development, with research being undertaken … Read More

Ethics in Science: A baby from 3 parents?

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Ethics is an ever-present concern in science. No more so than when science clashes with human life itself in, for example euthanasia. That’s one of the concerns surrounding a treatment which has been developed to treat faulty mitochondrial DNA.In essence, mitochondria are the power stations of the cell. They supply … Read More

Total Recall – The Science behind Genetic Memory

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Have you ever known something without having a clue why? Well, memories, experiences and knowledge that we have never experienced or learnt ourselves can be inherited from our ancestors. This occurs through genetic or ancestral memory; memory which is passed down from preceding generations by DNA and has been linked … Read More

Answering the big schizophrenia questions

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More than 25 million people world wide are affected by schizophrenia. Highly hereditable, it is one of the most severe mental illnesses with a high economic burden on countries worldwide. Since Schizophrenia was first described over a century ago, it has long been among the most mysterious mental illness, with … Read More

Science | Caution called for at UK genome project

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We live in an age of subversion and sabotage, though not through your typical James Bond espionage, but data acquisition and hacking. Media mules Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks, among other editors currently stand trial for the invasion of private data. Edward Snowden’s revelations have also bought the USA’s National … Read More