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Tom Misch becomes a puppeteer of emotions on new album, Geography

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Geography shimmers with a sincerity and sentimentality that is rare to find elsewhere. Opening track ‘Before Paris’ encapsulates Misch’s ability to become a puppeteer of your emotions. Sensitively gliding over a spoken-word monologue, Misch diffuses any tension in your soul with delicate fretwork. Then the beat steps in, and suddenly … Read More

Shaken not stirred – all you need to know about the New Zealand earthquake

2 years ago / 0 comments

A 7.5 magnitude quake struck New Zealand just after midnight on Sunday, 13th November. Since then, thousands of powerful aftershocks of varying intensity and proximity to the East of the South Island coast have continued to shake the country, with a 5.9 strength quake striking just the other day (22nd … Read More