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Review: Ghost In The Shell – just as good as the original

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Ghost in The Shell has been marred by the controversy surrounding its whitewashing since its release, and has suffered commercially because of it. George Jackson asks whether the film itself is deserving of such harsh criticism… Since it’s release, many have heavily criticised the white-washing of the film, but – … Read More

The Scribe GIAG – society spoken word talent

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What started as a typical artsy student sit-in, laden with anarchy and questionable talent, morphed into a showcase of raw emotion and immense depth. This was The Scribe’s first GIAG of the semester at LS6, The Clock Café in Hyde Park. The show kicked off in a cosy upstairs room … Read More

Review: Florence Foster Jenkins – A Tragic and Hilariously Terrible Siren

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The world couldn’t seem to get enough of Florence Foster Jenkins, a wealthy New York socialite often referred to over the years as ‘the worst opera singer in the world’. Even today, she remains unforgotten, with two films inspired by her life story appearing over the past two years; first … Read More

Fry’s Crusade for Free Speech Falls Flat Over Sexual Abuse Comments

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Stephen Fry, sometimes referred to as one of the UK’s ‘national treasures’, has always been one for speaking his mind, even if this entails offending people. As a champion of free speech, it is at the very least admirable that he is a man who puts this principle into practice. … Read More

Review: Eye In The Sky – Vital viewing for today's world

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Eye in the Sky, which arrived in cinemas earlier this month, is a profound and chilling piece of cinema directed by Gavin Hood, concerning the all too familiar struggles of decision-making – both politically and militarily – on the current geopolitical landscape, as well as the controversial matter of drone strikes. With … Read More

Lost and found: has IDS stumbled across his moral compass?

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Last Friday saw an interesting turn in government affairs, when Iain Duncan Smith, the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, announced his resignation. The Minister claimed his resignation to be nothing more than a retaliation against the government’s proposed cuts to Personal Independence Payments (PIPs), a transfer payment formerly … Read More

We must not let British politics become more about appearance than policy

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Nowadays in politics, it seems that appearances matter to the public more than principles. And to some extent this is true. Ever since the first televised US presidential debate between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon in 1960, personal appearance has become an increasingly significant factor in determining whether or … Read More

Ask Not What Apple Can Do For Their Country

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Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, wrote a letter to Apple customers last week. Posted on the company’s website, the tech boss explained that the company would not honour a request made by the FBI to provide a ‘backdoor’ to encrypted iPhones. This decision to avoid developing a tool for the … Read More

Julian Assange: still wanted, still here

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Over the past week, Julian Assange, co-founder and editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks, has been hoping for a solution to his long-term asylum status at the Ecuadorean embassy in London, where he has been living indoors since June 2012. Last Friday a solution was said to be found when a UN panel … Read More

Junior Doctor Contract Imposed Despite Strikes

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The controversial new junior doctors’ contract is set to be imposed by the government, despite a nationwide strike that took place on Wednesday. Nearly 3,000 operations were cancelled and appointments faced disruption as junior doctors took part in their second 24-hour strike over the government’s new employment contract. Formal talks … Read More