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Thirteen Reasons Why: Netflix’s Most Controversial New Show

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Jay Asher’s best-selling novel Thirteen Reasons Why celebrated its tenth anniversary this year with the release of the highly-anticipated Netflix show of the same name, and is all anyone seems to be talking about. Its popularity has brought issues such as suicide and mental health to the fore. In times … Read More

Review: Powerless, With No Power Comes No Originality

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DC’s attempt at breathing some comedy into its universe falls somewhat flat, with hollow humour, hollow characters, and a hollow story. The premise of DC’s latest TV series Powerless sounds interesting enough: it promised superheroes being held accountable for their actions, painted a picture of city streets rampant with villains, … Read More

Twenty-First Century Romance

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Long gone are the days of flower bouquets and dinner dates; it seems dating in the 21st century is all about Pokédates and phone apps. Georgia Ryan explores romance in the modern age… Released in the summer of 2016, Pokémon GO was praised for encouraging gamer to stretch their legs … Read More

Recipe: The Christmas Yule log that will put Nigella to shame

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The build-up to Christmas usually means that a ridiculous amount of cooking specials are broadcast on the TV back home. Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver, The Great Christmas Bake-Off, all showing off delicious-looking food that’s nearly impossible to replicate at home, even though these specials are made to encourage the general … Read More

The Trail of Light Project, a sight you can’t miss this Christmas

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Stuck in Leeds for longer than expected, or having to hurry back after Boxing Day to finish off work for that January deadline? In celebration of the Christmas season the Leeds Business Improvement District has planted a number of sculptures and attractions across the city in collaboration with Leeds College … Read More

Kirkstall Abbey Market Showcases Best Local Business

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Last Saturday marked the final appearance of the Kirkstall Abbey Deli Market of 2016, which takes place within the ruins of the 864-year-old abbey toward the end of each month. Kirkstall Abbey is a go-to for niche entertainment – from music festivals to last year’s outdoor Lord of the Rings-themed … Read More

Boxing Day Pie

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A traditional Thanksgiving meal is made up of some very hit-and-miss dishes, such as pumpkin pie – not as disgusting as it sounds and, if made right, tastes like heaven. Their combination of turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce, however, is such a hit even here in the UK that households … Read More

Christkindelmarkt ist zurück!

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Those whose daily commute to and from campus involves passing through Millennium Square would have taken note when The Lady Boys of Bangkok left the area – the first hint that the German Christmas market was returning to Leeds. Though the Christkindelmarkt has been open to the public for two … Read More

Recipe: Mum’s leek and potato soup

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Mum’s leek and potato soup My mum’s Leek and potato soup recipe is unbelievably cheap, and easy to replicate so long as you have some kind of blender. 2 medium-sized leeks 1 large baking potato 1 medium-sized white onion 1 Knorr vegetable stock pot (chicken works too) Parsley (shaker in … Read More

Review: Another jewel in Netflix’s crown

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Netflix has gained a reputation over the past two years as the underdog of TV production, hitting us first with Orange is the New Black and going on to sponsor the creation of Better Call Saul. Since the majority of students have access to a Netflix account, the titles Stranger … Read More