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Comment | 'Sex X' – the third option

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Once more, progression and modernisation hit Europe for the better. This week Germany passed a law that allows babies with characteristics of both the male and female sex to be registered as neither on their birth certificate. This allows parents to make this important choice at a later date, reducing … Read More

Blogs | The Fairest of the Seasons

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Some things remain comfortingly consistent on the continent: the presence of pumpkin spice lattes in Starbucks the second leaves start falling off trees, the pointless academic bureaucracy whilst trying to complete the seemingly simple task of enrolling for modules at university, and the fact it is indeed possible to purchase … Read More

Comment | Merkel's Euro woes

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Angela Merkel’s resounding victory in the recent German election has signaled that South European austerity matched by northern bailouts will still be the rason d’être of Eurozone crisis management. The economic crisis has been publicised as the South Europeans cheating the North European taxpayers. It’s not true, but that’s the … Read More

Blogs | I Wanna Scream and Kraut and Let It All out!

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After weeks of anticipation I have finally made it to Germany, Heidelberg to be exact. I am currently two weeks into my 10 month stay and it has definitely been a learning curve. For a start their skimmed milk is our semi-skimmed, quark is apparently a cheese not a fundamental … Read More

Blogs | A year in Germany – the best or Wurst idea ever?

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It’s the 22nd September and despite the fact that this is meant to be a blog about my year abroad I am still at home. Yes, at home, in my pyjamas in Putney sipping on a cup of tea. Not ideal for describing this amazing year abroad I am meant … Read More


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The start of the academic year can be daunting for Freshers, but have you ever spared a thought for a poor old fourth year? I’ve just returned from my year abroad in Germany, and coming back to Leeds feels rather strange. After saying emotional goodbyes at the end of second … Read More