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Small Stories, Great Acts: Climate Change and You?

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For many of us, the visible signs of climate change have become a daily reality. The environment is changing before our very eyes; the melting of polar ice caps, rising sea levels and extreme weather phenomena are just a few of the consequences of global warming. And, as things stand, … Read More

Just 0.5 °C temperature increase has a detrimental effect – the recent IPCC Report

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Last week you will no doubt have heard about a powerful report published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that highlights some alarming realities of the future of our planet. Interpretations of the report have been plastered across news channels and social media, alluding to the immense importance … Read More

Paper Straws and Lift Sharing Apps Won’t Save Us Now

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Last week, the UN’s leading body of climate scientists released its report outlining the most current understanding of the impact of global warming. The starkest and most widely reported detail of the report: action must be taken within the next twelve years or we risk a potential domino effect of … Read More

Time to Move the Debate on with Climate Change

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Recently, Fran Unsworth, the Director of BBC News and Current Affairs, produced a briefing note that condemned the broadcaster’s coverage of man-made climate change for being too accommodating towards the viewpoints of those who deny it exists. In general, media coverage about the existence of climate change has done nothing to … Read More

Trump Silences Science

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Although Donald Trump has been in power for just 2 weeks, he has already stopped 2 major departments from interacting with the public and the press. These gag orders have been placed on the Department of Agriculture for the US and also the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It is imperative … Read More

400PPM Carbon Dioxide and no turning back

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As of this September, we will never see CO2 levels drop below 400 parts per million. In a world where many won’t believe, or simply choose to ignore, the existence of climate change; we have reached a point considered by some scientists to be a particularly dark and damning milestone. … Read More

What Does it Mean to be ‘Green’?

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Following the Climate Change march this weekend in Leeds town centre and this week’s COP21 talks in Paris of leaders from around the world about global warming, The Gryphon explores the issue of climate change, what it means to be ‘green’, and the action that needs to be taken to … Read More

Photojournal | The Real Junk Food Project – waste, poverty and revolution

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The Real Junk Food Café is situated in Armley, a short bus ride south west from Leeds City Centre. Entering the town, it is easy to lose count of how many factory buildings had been abandoned, bordered up and draped in rows of barbed wire. The town is like many … Read More

News | Uni invests thousands in oil shares

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The University has invested a total of over £1 million into oil companies. The University’s current holdings in BP and Shell are £1.032m and £278,000 respectively. A University spokesperson said: “We have held shares in these companies since at least December 2000 and any dividends received are allocated to the … Read More

Science | Fracking – Energy miracle or environmental catastrophe?

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Much has been said about the controversial process of fracking for natural gas in recent months, particularly in light of the protests in the Sussex village of Balcolme. But what exactly is it and why is it so contentious? In the fracking process a vertical well is drilled to a … Read More