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The well-fed student: Party peanut butter cups

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Vegan friendly & gluten free. Makes 10 It’s the Christmas party season, and these delicious and simple chocolate peanut butter cups are a lovely, fun-size snack to offer to your friends and family instead of the usual variety chocolate boxes that are full of additives and refined sugar. Cocoa contains … Read More

Gluten-free mince pies

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These tasty festive treats are made using simple and affordable ingredients. They are gluten free (to help avoid that Christmas bloat), and the only sweetener used is honey, which is much more nutrient-dense than refined sugar. You will need: A muffin/bun tray with 12 holes Cling film Pastry Ingredients (for … Read More

Living Gluten-Free in Leeds

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  Moving to a new city is daunting enough, but for those new students embarking on a gluten-free lifestyle, the task can appear even more overwhelming. Thankfully, you’re not alone: awareness of medical wheat and gluten intolerances has been growing in recent years, and one of the benefits of living … Read More

The Truth Behind Gluten

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Intolerances to foods such as eggs, nuts, lactose and micro-nutrients such as gluten are on the rise. Surveys suggest that 1 out of every 133 people in the general population is gluten intolerant. Just 10 years ago, this figure was 1 in 2500.  The intolerance to gluten, referred to as … Read More