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Houghton Festival 2017: A Review

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The sellout status of Houghton Festival’s debut edition, plus the announcement of an extra day of programming added shortly before the Norfolk event, is testament to the cumulative esteem of its curator and producers. Needless to say the 7500 ticket-holders, many underground music aficionados, were expecting a great deal. At … Read More

Preview: Houghton Festival, 10th-13th August

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Between August 10th and 13th, Craig Richards, in collaboration with the Gottwood team, are bringing their new art and music festival Houghton to the sprawling woodlands of Houghton Hall in Norfolk. Before we dive into festival specifics, the combination of Richards and Gottwood deserves a moment’s pause. Craig Richards has been a … Read More

Feature – Gottwood Festival 2016

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In a small crest of North Wales’ coastal extremities lies a festival, whose annual popularity frequently belies its size. A place where people from all corners and demographics of the UK – students, promoters, DJs, label bosses, young and old – all venture to in mid-June to wave goodbye to their … Read More

Review – Gottwood

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Unless you’re blessed with some sort of Satnav device, Gottwood proves to be a bit of an enigma – its lack of signs (save a solitary flag before the carpark) make it hard to find.  This little festival, nestled in the heart of rural Welsh woodland, could have easily gone … Read More