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The Beast From The East – Sending The Economy Into A Blizzard?

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Inconvenienced by it or not, last week’s snowstorm across the UK was every British person’s dream. The snow was a solid topic for small talk whilst waiting around for seminars to start, and it provided an extra excuse to miss any classes that weren’t affected by the strikes. It was … Read More

Retail Giant Toys R Us On The Brink Of Collapse

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The days of our childhood dreams are well and truly over. Toys R Us is currently on the brink of collapse as the company is held accountable to pay a £15 million tax bill. For many of us, the celebrations and rewards of our youth were lived out through the … Read More

The Crime Behind The Bitcoin Craze

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A common and prolific criticism of cryptocurrencies is their vulnerability and susceptibility to cyber corruption. There is good reason behind this concern, too; just this week, Europol director Rob Wainwright pronounced that there has been a significant increase in cybercrime of this nature. He estimated that around 4% of all … Read More

New Year, Same Trump: Will 2018 see the US President’s Problems with the EU Reach a Nasty Conclusion?

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Brexit is not the only issue on the plate of officials in Brussels at the moment, as Donald Trump called out the EU over unfair treatment of US exporters just last week. In a characteristically vague style, the US president told ITV in a recent broadcast that the problems he … Read More

Bitcoin: Over-emphasised Or Over-Criticised?

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The dizzying heights of bitcoin’s mid-December valuation in 2017 at $17,900 per coin has proven impossible to maintain, slipping down to a figure below $14,000 within the space of a week. Just this month, the most prominent of cryptocurrencies dropped to almost half of its peak value, slumping to a … Read More

The Zimbabwean Economy: From Mugabe to Droughts to Inflation to 2017

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Under the ZANU party led by Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe became an independent country in 1980, freed from British colonial rule. This naturally presented challenges to governance: how could Zimbabwe disinherit its colonial institutions and become a new nation in a way which was economically viable and sustainable for its people? … Read More

The Human League: How Richard Thaler’s ‘Nudge’ Theory Came Out On Top

1 year ago / 0 comments

To the average person, the study of economics may appear to be a bunch of abstract theoretical concepts exclusive to those studying in further education or working in the City. However, the results of this year’s Nobel Prize suggest otherwise, conveying the impact of human nature on our economies. Leading … Read More

Ryanair controversy reveals both internal and external problems

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Ryanair is renowned for dominating the budget airline market in the UK, but its reputation is by no means gleaming. In 2013, Which? magazine famously conducted a consumer survey on customer service, asking participants to rate companies on the staff’s attitude, ability and knowledge. This left Ryanair in last place … Read More

Why There Are More Working Mothers Than Ever

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In 1996, a year in which many University of Leeds students were born, 61.9% of working mothers had children dependent on their income. Within our lifetimes, this has risen to a startling 73.7%, correlating to an increase in 1.2 million women. Why might this be? The stats:  The Office for … Read More