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Talk More: Tagging Walls Not Facebook Pictures

9 months ago / 0 comments

Arts writer, Oliver Staton, discusses the binary of technology and graffiti around Leeds. You would be hard pressed to find a technologically adept young person who isn’t aware of the startling mental dangers of being an active user of social media and smartphones. Claims like this already smack of cliché, … Read More

Banksy And His Latest Canvas

10 months ago / 0 comments

During the last few weeks, an exciting buzz has been generated on social media regarding Banksy’s latest work on the unused Scott Street bridge in Hull’s city centre. The newest confirmed piece – verified by the elusive street artist via his Instagram account –  depicts a boy with his mouth … Read More

Street Art: Public Nuisance or Counter-Cultural Force?

1 year ago / 0 comments

To a large proportion of the older generation, graffiti is nothing more than vandalism. However, much of the younger generation is waking up to the innate creativity involved in this art form,  Editor-in-Chief, Reece Parker, investigates where the line should be drawn as to the merit of such work. From … Read More

Swastika graffiti removed in Hyde Park

2 years ago / 0 comments

A Nazi Swastika spray painted onto a pavement near Hyde Park has been removed after students reported it to the police. The offensive graffiti was widely condemned as a hate crime. Local police officer PC Matt Guy commended students efforts by stating “It was great that as soon as students … Read More

Serial Graffitist Caught

3 years ago / 0 comments

Security have caught a student suspected of creating over 45 graffiti marks on Leeds University campus. On Wednesday, PC Matt Guy, the university’s police liaison officer, tweeted: ‘Student Graffiti Tagger linked to 45+ offences…caught by security last night’. The graffiti symbol, which has been spotted in various locations around campus, … Read More

Police investigate ‘vagina’ graffiti

4 years ago / 0 comments

Police are appealing for information following a spate of distinctive graffiti drawings on campus which some students have suggested represents a vagina. Several drawings have been spotted in locations including the Edward Boyle library and further afield in Hyde Park since February. They are now being investigated as criminal damage. … Read More