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Grammys 2018: The year white men stand back

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Year after year, the Grammys epitomise the whitewashed music industry, particularly within the Album of the Year category. In 2015, Mumford & Sons took Best Album over Frank Ocean’s seminal Channel Orange; A year later, Taylor Swift’s 1989 was considered more culturally important than Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly and, similarly this year, … Read More

The Grammys: Adele’s ode to Beyonce

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Media attention is something Adele can often be seen to be withdrawing from, leading a private life as far away from the public eye as she can manage. In spite of these efforts, the well loved singer has drawn a wealth of media attention for one of her speeches at … Read More

It’s time to boycott music awards

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[The Grammys] just doesn’t seem to be representing very well for people who come from where I come from and hold down what I hold down – Frank Ocean In the last two weeks, Drake, Justin Bieber and Kanye West have all reportedly decided to boycott the 2017 Grammys due … Read More

Music | The Grammys – the latest TV show?

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Every year the world’s most prestigious award ceremony spews forth some fresh controversy. In true musical fashion it is usually related to the ‘commercialisation’ of the Grammy’s award ceremony. But for me, the Grammy’s has stopped being a musical accolade altogether. With its gimmicks, shoddy presenting and veritable host of adverts intent … Read More

Music | Outlooks – Social media takes centre stage

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Just lately, two rather remarkable events involving the fabled likes of Azealia Banks and Macklemore and social media have occurred. Firstly hip-hop star Banks, who is only just fresh out of her recent beef with the unwaveringly ascending deep house duo Disclosure, is now facing another act of transparent ignorance. … Read More