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Edu-Groan: Technical Issues Torment Campus

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In an ongoing poll ran by The Gryphon, 88% of the 100 respondents thus far reported issues accessing Eduroam whilst on campus. Of these, 34 students complained that they did not suffer connectivity issues in previous years but do currently, whilst a further 24 claimed that although they have struggled … Read More

News Round Up

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The Gryphon Wins Best Media Society at NSA 2017 The Gryphon was voted the ‘Best Media Society’ at this year’s National Societies Awards.  The ceremony, which took place in the Crowne Plaza in Nottingham, saw The Gryphon receive the accolade as a society that has ‘consistently across the year delivered the best media … Read More

LUU LEADERSHIP RACE: Communication is key!

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Reece is running to be Gryphon Editor in the LUU Leadership Race, here are his views on the issue of communication between the exec and student body. From first arriving on campus as a fresh faced, spirited 18 year old, to lurching through my final year as the withered shadow … Read More

Leeds Creatives: the lowdown

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Talks from cultural connoisseurs from across the city show the creative strength of Leeds On the 22nd November, The Gryphon, Leeds Student Radio and LSTV came together to put on the first Leeds Creatives event. The event played host to a number of speakers who are having a huge impact … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: The Gryphon takes you back to 1950…

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Locked away in the vaults of the Brotherton Library lie treasures unimaginable… or at least unexpected. From cookery books to original Shakespeare folios, Special Collections has a little, or a lot, of everything. With freshers now over, but many of you no doubt still feeling rather ‘fresh’, The Gryphon delves … Read More

Over 7000 vote in Exec & Gryphon elections

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A total of 7744 students cast their vote in this year’s leadership race, a slight decrease from the 8,488 students that voted last year, despite the voting period being extended by three days. More first years voted that any other year of study, with 41% of freshers taking part, compared … Read More

Who gets your vote?

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This week we interview Jess Murray, who is running to be your next Gryphon editor. Interviews with every Lead LUU candidate will appear online throughout next week. Why do you want to be editor? It’s not been something that I’ve planned. I just thought, I’ve got lots of ideas. I … Read More

Who Gets Your Vote?

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This week we interview Greg Whitaker and Jess Murray, who are both running to be your next Gryphon editor. Interviews with every Lead LUU candidate will appear online throughout next week. Interview with Greg Whitaker Why do you want to be editor? I’m sort of Ben’s number two as a … Read More

Meet Your New Mascot

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VARSITY is always a blistering, bruising encounter and consequently both teams will be preparing intensely. However, no one is preparing with quite the same level of passion and commitment as the new Leeds University mascot – the name of which will be decided by students. The Gryphon were fortunate enough … Read More

Our statement on Sunday night’s email from your Union Affairs Officer

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Dear all, Last night your Union Affairs officer sent every society on campus an email (the full text of which will be printed below this statement) trying to persuade you to vote in a particular fashion. We will be taking further action to address this issue. However, for now allow me to … Read More