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Society Spotlight: Rifle Club

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  Leeds is full of weird and wonderful societies, and this week’s spotlight shines on the Rifle Society, the Union’s very own shooting club. The Gryphon spoke to Daniel Anderson, Captain of Rifle Club, to find out more. How did you get involved in the society in the first place? … Read More

The Right to Bear Arms: A Devastating Addiction

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The grave situation the United States faces is far more than a macho obsession with weapons. It goes beyond an obsession for personal safety. America faces a population with a tragic addiction to the feelings of power that arise from the possession of a firearm. It can be hard to … Read More

Triggering Gun Control

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Urging for changes to gun laws, Obama has proposed a range of measures such as tougher background checks and a ban on assault weapons. This week Big Debate asks, are tighter gun laws the best way to combat shootings in the U.S? YES: Ruby Lott-Lavigna There is no doubt that … Read More