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The Windrush Scandal: May’s Britain Takes Us Back To The 1950s

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As the Windrush scandal grips every news headline, Britain has been left in utter disbelief that our system has allowed such inhumane treatments to occur. From extreme cases of those denied cancer treatment, to those left homeless as a product of May’s ‘hostile immigration policy’, there is no shortage to … Read More

Sonia Boyce’s Explorations of Identity, Britishness and Race

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Until July 22nd 2018, Manchester Art Gallery presents the long overdue and first retrospective exhibition of the Black British artist Sonia Boyce and indeed through its thoughtful curation, it is worth the much-anticipated wait. From the early art of Boyce, to work commissioned solely for the exhibition, the curation of … Read More

The City Sculptures Project 1972 @ Henry Moore

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Upon entering the gallery, we are subjected to the intimidating gaze of the five-metre-tall King Kong sculpture that appears to almost guard the gallery. A gaze, stature and magnificence that creates a curious dialogue between you and the sculpture, an idea echoed inside. In 1972, City Sculpture Projects funded by … Read More

Don‘t Go Breaking My Art: Axing the History of Art A level

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Is Michael Gove right to scrap Art History A-level? In The Middle takes a look at the debate… FOR The axing of the Art History A-level has caused quite a stir, with some slamming Michael Gove for being “narrow-minded” and “short-sighted”. Despite studying an arts subject myself, I completely understand … Read More