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Night on Earth Review: LIFF 2018

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Jim Jarmusch’s Night on Earth, first premiered in 1991, is simple in its premise: it follows five taxi drivers, in five different cities, over one night. Despite this simplicity, Jarmusch’s film is an engaging character study, with interesting relationships developing between driver and passenger.  Whilst the respective pairs may seem mismatched – … Read More

A Christmas Carol at Leeds Playhouse

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Online Arts Editor Hannah Stokes reviews Deborah McAndrew’s theatre adaptation of A Christmas Carol, which is on at Leeds Playhouse until 13th January 2019 Although going to see Deborah McAndrew’s theatre adaptation of A Christmas Carol in November, I was filled with Christmas spirit before the play even began, thanks to the … Read More

Jurassic World: Another Case of a Character’s Sexuality Lost on the Cutting Room Floor

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Recently, it was revealed by Daniella Pineda, who stars in the new Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom film that a scene revealing the homosexuality of her character Zia was cut.   The scene was reportedly cut due to timing issues because it “wasn’t relevant to the story”, reasoning that appears unconvincing … Read More

‘Isle of Dogs’ Toes the Line Between Cultural Appropriation and Cultural Appreciation

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Wes Anderson’s newest stop-motion film, Isle of Dogs, opened at cinemas last month amid both praise and controversy, as it has been criticised by many for its presentation of Japanese society. Cultural insensitivity is an issue that continues to plague Hollywood, but is Isle of Dogs really a case of … Read More

Lost and Found: “The African Mona Lisa”

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The 1974 painting of a Nigerian Princess resurfaced at the start of February and was sold at Bonham’s auction house in early March for £1.2m, £900,000 more than had been estimated.   The painting, of Princess Adetutu Ademiluyi, known as ‘Tutu’, is one of three versions that were all lost … Read More

Darkest Hour: Poignant but problematic

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Joe Wright’s Darkest Hour charts Winston Churchill’s first month in Downing Street in 1940, and whilst it is a well acted, emotional and engaging film, it is also intensely problematic. Darkest Hour is a film that presents Churchill as a “warts and all” hero, glorifying him as it presents a … Read More

What Happens When We Forget Female Artists?

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The art history of the Renaissance is dominated by male artists, but in reality, female artists also enjoyed immense success. 2017 proved itself to be a good year for women in the art world; large exhibitions opened for artists such as Rachel Whiteread and Fahrelnissa Zeid in London, and in … Read More

Da Vinci Painting Sells for $450m

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Leonardo Da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi is now the most expensive painting ever after being sold for $450m at Christie’s last week. The painting, which depicts Jesus holding a glass orb in one hand and gesturing the sign of the cross in the other, is certainly a beautiful piece of art, … Read More

The Roman Polanski Retrospective and its Moral Implications

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Hannah Stokes discusses the recent retrospective held for Oscar award-winning director, Roman Polanski, and discusses the possible need to separate art from artist. This Monday, a retrospective for Roman Polanski opened at the Cinematheque Francaise in Paris. Polanski is a French-polish director with a long career, his works including famous … Read More

Wearing his heart on his sleeve – ‘Grayson Perry’s Dresses’ at the Walker

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‘Making Himself Claire: Grayson Perry’s Dresses’ opened at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool on Saturday and features many of the dresses worn by the artist when dressing up as his female persona Claire. Perry describes himself as a transvestite and has been cross-dressing as ‘Claire’ since he was a … Read More