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Why #Metoo Is Not Synonymous With ‘Men Too’

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The Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood sexual abuse scandal is one that needs no introduction: it has been the – perhaps unsurprising – revelation that women in Hollywood are being abused, manipulated and raped by men in positions of power. It is the systematic and institutionalised exploitation of women. Yet , … Read More

University sexual assault epidemic revealed

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Guardian investigation finds sexual harassment at ‘epidemic levels’ at UK universities. After submitting over 100 Freedom of Information requests to universities up and down the country, The Guardian finds that at least 169 student allegations of sexual harassment, misconduct and gender violence by university staff made between 2011/12 and 2016/17. … Read More

Science | Male violence against women is entrenched

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Such a discussion couldn’t be more appropriate in revelations of gang grooming, Twitter harassment and Tequila’s “violate a Fresher” night. Research by Glasgow Caledonian University into the cultural perception and consequence of misogyny and sexual violence thought the eyes of children and the legal services reveal entrenched social problems. Engaging … Read More