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Books | Why we Need Banned Books Week

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“Where they have burned books, they will end in burning human beings.” So said Heinrich Heine, the 18thcentury German writer famous for his radical politics. Heine’s works were publicly burned by the German Student Union in 1933 because they were against the spirit of National Socialism. Less than ten years … Read More

TV | 24 – Live Another Day – Absurd but adored

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It’s absurd, but we adore it. 24 was always ridiculous. In the space of 24 hours, none of the main characters went to the toilet, ate or drank. The show is action thriller interspersed (undeliberately) with science-fiction. There are major plots with sub-plots and sub-plots within the sub-plots that will … Read More

TV | W1A – Does it live up to it's predecessor, Twenty Twelve?

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From the makers of Twenty Twelve, W1A is the new BBC comedy show recycling the Twenty Twelve the  main character, Ian Fletcher (Hugh Bonneville). Fresh from screwing up his role as head of the Olympic Deliverance Commission, he is now ‘Head of Values’ at the BBC, a job title that … Read More

Comment | All quiet reigns supreme

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When you’re a kid, things seem so innocent. You are given lots of toys by mummy and daddy which you can use to create your own little fantasy world. And in this fantasy world, heroes are aplenty. My favourite hero was Action Man, the dark-haired beefy soldier. I could always … Read More

Film | 300: Rise of an Empire – more parody than sequel

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Image: Warner Bros. The first 300 movie was a camp but awesome film with Gerard Butler’s King Leonidas coming out with some of cinema’s coolest phrases while he and his men armed with big abs and spears killed thousands of Persians in ferocious, bloody combat. This follow-up though, is a … Read More

TV | 37 Days – A wonderfully witty docu-drama

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With Downton Abbey going from strength to strength, this drama about the period between Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s assassination and the declaration of war is quite like a costume drama mixed with politics. War buffs will enjoy this three-part BBC drama about one of the greatest political crises to ever hit Europe: it … Read More

Film | Non-Stop – an exciting thriller

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Image: StudioCanal Some actors are remembered by a trademark line. Schwarzenegger’s is “I’ll be back.” Jack Nicholson’s is “You can’t handle the truth.” Liam Neeson’s is “We’re running out of time.” He seems to say it in every action movie these days, usually because he is in a rush. Like … Read More

Film | The Armstrong Lie – not Gibney's finest

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Image: Jigsaw Pictures 3/5 Stars Alex Gibney is a world-renowned documentary filmmaker, famous for excellent Oscar-nominated documentaries such as Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room and Taxi to the Dark Side. His productions are well worth watching even if you don’t enjoy them. The Armstrong Lie is his newest, … Read More

TV | BBC vs ITV – The big debate

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Late in 2013, a Chinese newspaper, the Global Times, ran an editorial saying that Britain was “no longer any kind of ‘big country’, but merely a country of old Europe suitable for tourism and overseas study, with a few decent football teams.” The newspaper forgot to mention the contribution that … Read More

Books | The Last Days of Detroit – All is not lost in the land of Motor City

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Detroit is a city that has always had its problems, as this book from Mark Binelli notes. Even during the years when Henry Ford turned Detroit into an industrial mega-giant, racial segregation caused major ruckus between blacks and whites alike and to this day, Detroit, to misquote Harold Macmillan, has … Read More