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Game of Thrones: Has the ‘Hype Train’ Come to a Halt?

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No. No, it hasn’t. However, that doesn’t mean that Season 7 has started off exactly as some would have hoped. Season 7 marks the show’s twilight hours; it is finally steering towards an end. The premier certainly shows this, ending with the incredibly powerful moment of Daenerys finally arriving in … Read More

The return of Game of Thrones

3 years ago / 18 comments

Game of Thrones is back. Arguably the TV event of 2016 so far, April 24th’s hotly anticipated The Red Woman saw the return of the Starks and Lannisters, in an episode that fans hoped would provide a bit of relief from the madness that was the final hour of Series … Read More

Vinyl: It’s only rock & roll

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When it was announced that HBO would be bringing Vinyl – the brainchild of Mick Jagger and Martin Scorsese – to our screens this February, the blogosphere went into meltdown. Vinyl tells the story of Richie Finestra, played by Bobby Cannavale, a 1970s record executive, struggling to keep his label … Read More

‘Looking’ for love in San Francisco

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Looking throws itself into your face and shrugs off your surprise. Created by Michael Lannan, Looking, is the story of a trio of gay friends living in San Francisco, and their pursuit of sex, love, and happiness. Season two shows some welcome progress for the boys; Patrick (Jonathan Groff) is … Read More

TV | Made-up spoilers for Game of Thrones season four

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**WARNING contains fake spoilers for Game of Thrones season 4 and possibly real spoilers for Game of Thrones seasons 1-3. But to be honest, if you’ve made this this far without knowing the spoilers for series 1-3, you should probably just never be on the internet.** Everyone is talking about … Read More

Books | How should a person be?

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“We live in an age of some really great blow-job artists. Every era has its art form. The nineteenth century, I know, was tops for the novel” In How Should a Person Be? memoir, fiction and abstract philosophical discussion meet to explore human nature and what it ultimately means to … Read More

TV | True Detective – Part of the McConaughey 'McConnaissance'

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True Detective, HBO’s latest big budget show, always ran the risk of simply rehashing the typical cop drama storyline. A complicated murder and mismatched partners forced to work together is a road well-trodden, but True Detective manages to rise above the clichés and provides a gripping story and two fantastic … Read More

TV | Girls

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When Girls emerged two years ago, it’s fair to say it courted its fair share of controversy. Perhaps most shocking was the decision to seemingly exclude anyone with a Y chromosome from attaching themselves to the show. It’s a testament to modern viewers’ fickleness that now entering into its third … Read More

TV | Hello Ladies

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This sitcom and its main character have one thing in common; no one wants to keep seeing them each week. Stephen Merchant’s first solo endeavour has just launched on HBO but Hello Ladies seems to miss the execution you expect from the co-producer of The Office and Extras. Merchant’s series … Read More

What's On: Girls

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  Already being compared to Sex and the City, Girls is the hottest new feminine comedy out there; but can it really be compared to SATC? We get a boy and a girl’s point of view from Isobel Miller and Harry Wise. Isobel says: Whether it’s a guilty pleasure or … Read More