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The Ferryman Review

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Heather Nash explains why Jez Butterworth’s latest Irish drama is not one to be missed. Jez Butterworth has been a playwright for more than 25 years, and yet he has only written a handful of plays independently in that time. So not a prolific playwright then, but you can forgive … Read More

We need to talk about stars in west end shows

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Are theatres becoming too dependent on stars to sell out their shows? Heather Nash discusses the Wyndham Theatre‘s lastest production of Don Juan… A star name can ensure the sell-out success of almost any show in the West End these days. I should know, since I’ve fallen for that particular … Read More

Review: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time – visually stunning

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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time premiered at The National in 2012. An adaption of Mark Haddon’s now contemporary-classic novel, it’s an honest and touching portrayal of 15-year-old Christopher Boone’s experience with Asperger’s syndrome, the mysterious pitch-fork skewered dog he finds in his neighbourhood, and the search … Read More

Devonshire Hall present The Vagina Monologues

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The hotspot for performing arts in Leeds has always started in Devonshire Hall, let’s face it. This year, Dev’s choice of production is slightly more left-field than usual as they’re putting on Eve Ensler’s infamous The Vagina Monologues. The Vagina Monologues is a cornerstone of contemporary political theatre and student … Read More

Review: Here’s Looking at You Kid

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Helen Burke is a seasoned poet and has amassed an impressive array of competition successes over the years. Valley Press have released an anthology of her most requested poems… Here’s Looking at You Kid is Helen Burke’s collection of her most requested poems. They centre, touchingly, around her parents, covering … Read More

In The Middle with Stornoway

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“I think the feeling at present is one of triumph and embrace, one last explosion of fun,” Oli Steadman, bassist for Stornoway, tells me when I ask about the atmosphere for their upcoming Farewell Tour. After 10 years, Stornoway’s particular brand of bird song-infused indie-folk is coming to an end, … Read More

Review: Take This One to Bed

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Antony Dunn’s anthology Take This One to Bed at first presents itself as a sultry invitation, and you open the pages expecting to see hymns written to the female body – or at least some thinly veiled allusions to sex. Instead Dunn gives you the intimacy evoked by the suggestive … Read More

The Arts Netflix Weekend Watchlist: Vol 13

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So long January, we thought you’d never end. We’re now at that point in the semester where you’re trying to figure how little you can get away with contributing in seminars, and you’re not really ready to start on your reading either. So how about filling that spare time you’re pretending … Read More

Why we’re in love with La La Land

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As controversy abounds surrounding La La Land‘s record-breaking 14 Oscar nominations, In The Middle discusses whether the film really is worth the hype… This year’s Oscar nominations are in and it’s official – everyone is gaga for La La Land. Hollywood has a habit of naval-gazing, which means the film’s … Read More

Preview: The Weir at Carriageworks Theatre

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In a few days you will have made it through the dull drudgery that is the month of January. To reward yourself, why not treat yourself to an arty evening and get out and support local theatre in Leeds? The Leeds Art Centre, in association with The Carriageworks, present to … Read More