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Brexit uncertainty and higher education

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As we all know ‘Brexit’ has led to adjustments within our economy. However what you may not know is the effect these are set to have upon students. The value of our currency has dropped significantly, particularly against the US dollar, where the exchange rate is at a 31-year low! … Read More

Panic over proposals for more private universities.

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This week, government ministers are pushing ahead with plans to expand opportunities for private providers to become universities. This has caused panic as many fear it will cause an American style catastrophe. Many college officials, including Alison Wolf, a spokesperson for King’s College London, fear that not only will it … Read More

Teachers boosting A-level predictions to help uni applicants

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An increasing number of teachers are now deliberately overestimating their pupils’ predicted A-level grades in order to secure them offers from top universities. Figures from UCAS show there has been a 9 percentage point increase in those predicted an A and two B’s since 2011. Now 63 percent of all pupils … Read More

Uni gender gap hits record level

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A report published by the university admissions service, UCAS, has shown a widening gender disparity in applications, with the difference between the sexes hitting a record high. As of the 15th January deadline, 343,930 women had applied to university for the 2016/17 academic year, some 94,140 more than men. This … Read More

Features | The truth about social class at uni

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We might think University is a blank slate where we can start afresh, but our upbringing and background count for more than you might think. LS investigates the thorny issue of class.   In a novel by the 19th century writer and politician Benjamin Disraeli, a working class radical warns … Read More

The Syrian crisis… on our doorstep

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Syrian students in the UK are facing hardship after their funding has been cut, leaving some with fears of expulsion or the possibility of returning to dangerous conditions in their home country. Charlotte Prince spoke to one student who is unable to return home, and explored the support provided for … Read More