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Britain’s Biggest Killer: The Quest to Combat Dementia

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Historically, heart disease has been the biggest killer of individuals in the UK. However, dementia – a disorder which is characterised by memory loss and difficulties with thinking, problem-solving, navigation and/or language – has, for the first time ever, overtaken heart disease as the leading cause of death in individuals … Read More

The little known Lacks legacy

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Henrietta Lacks is a name you might not recognise, but probably should. Thanks to Lacks’ cells, scientists have developed a polio vaccine, and done research into AIDS, radiation, toxic substances and gene mapping. They were also the first human cells to be successfully cloned. Lacks was never thanked for her … Read More

Male and female orgasms – What’s the difference?

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Sex is everywhere, from your favourite TV show, to the morning after debriefs with your friends. Everyone’s obsessing about it, but no one really knowns what’s going on inside your body, or the differences between male and female orgasms – only that males’ are shorter, singular and easier to achieve. … Read More

Sex, gender and gender dysphoria

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In a large proportion of the population, the words gender and sex are seemingly interchangeable – a boy will both have male reproductive organs and believe himself to be male. However, there is an important distinction between the two that applies to every human being, but unfortunately is only acknowledged … Read More

The fatal flaws of the lethal injection

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The very idea of capital punishment is itself a controversial topic, so it’s understandable that the methods used during executions are also a very prominent human rights issue. The death penalty can be given during sentencing in many countries around the world, with 60% of the global population living in … Read More

The grey area: Cannabis and cognitive impairment

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Since the 3rd millennium BC (from the early to middle Bronze Ages), cannabis has been inhaled as a recreational drug worldwide. As the most common drug to be taken, 6.9% of the population take cannabis each year compared to the next most common drug, powder cocaine (of which 2.2% of … Read More

Beware – ‘Smart Drugs’ make you dumb

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Whether it’s the last minute cramming before your end of year exams, or the 4am finishing of your 3000 word essay, there will undoubtedly be times during your at university studies where you wish you’d started your work as early as you promised yourself you would. However, once put in … Read More

Botox: All fill and no thrill

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Cosmetic surgery is a very hot topic in the news at the moment – whether it concerns the almost unrecognisable Renee Zellweger, Kyle Jenner’s ever expanding lips or Kim Kardashian’s infamous rear-end. Most articles superficially focus on the moral dilemmas implicated with surgery – i.e. these celebrities are supposedly among … Read More

UK National Sperm Bank opens in Birmingham

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On 30th October, The National Gamete Donation Trust – in conjunction with Birmingham Women’s Hospital – opened the first UK National Sperm Bank. Whilst sperm banks have been open throughout the UK, previously they were privately run, resulting in insemination costs of around £4000. However, the bank means that women … Read More

The struggles of depression at university

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No matter the state of your mental health, arriving at university for the first time is one of the scariest, most overwhelming experiences that a young person can be subjected to. Leaving behind your friends, family and familiar home comforts brings with it a massive upheaval – and there’s no … Read More