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Black Panther: the film shaking the foundations of Colonialism

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Black Panther is a technicolour world, constructed by cinematographer Rachel Morrison, to the cast who are, to borrow from an popular black hair product line, ‘Dark [skinned] and Lovely’, the film’s politics are woven into its very fabric paralleling the Wakandan’s depositing of vibranium into their clothes. Over the course … Read More

Remembering Storm Jameson: a forgotten feminist pioneer

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As the winter sunshine illuminates the banners on the University Union Square, proudly displaying our best and brightest alumni, including Jack Straw and Chris Pine, there is a name missing: that of Margaret Storm Jameson. Jameson was a committed suffragist and tireless campaigner against the appeasement of Hitler. During her … Read More

Bayeux Tapest-oui

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The Victorian historian Edward Freeman wrote that ‘history is past politics and politics present history’. Last week’s decision by Emanuel Macron to give Britain the Bayeux tapestry for the first time in its near 900 year history demonstrates he was correct in the most literal sense, with one of the … Read More

What Happens When We Forget Female Artists?

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The art history of the Renaissance is dominated by male artists, but in reality, female artists also enjoyed immense success. 2017 proved itself to be a good year for women in the art world; large exhibitions opened for artists such as Rachel Whiteread and Fahrelnissa Zeid in London, and in … Read More

Black history, white writers

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Every year when Black History Month comes around, as a white history student, I encounter the dilemma of how involved to be. I am, of course, a huge advocate of promoting Black History, especially as so much has been done over the years to whitewash our textbooks; but perhaps the … Read More

Uber Special: an insight to the most eye-catching headline of the week

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So what has grabbed British attention the most this week? Is it ISIS? Refugees? Donald Trump’s influence in UK politics. No. The potential loss of Uber on London’s streets, is in fact what has sent shockwaves throughout the nation. Approaching 800,000 signatures, the Save Your Uber In London petition has … Read More

University of Leeds considering introducing module on Black British History

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The University of Leeds is considering developing a Black British History module, believed to be the first of its kind at a Russell Group university in the United Kingdom. If the module does go ahead, it could be available to students in the School of History within the next few academic years. Students … Read More

IPA And All That – A Memorable History Of Alcohol Part 1

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Humanity has always had a drinking problem. From our hunter-gatherer days, to when we settled down to farm and onto the modern day where we produce alcoholic drinks in industrial quantities; consumption of alcohol has defined us socially, culturally, and even religiously. Pinpointing when, or where, our obsession with ethanol … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Riccardo Tisci’s most memorable designs at Givenchy

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Upon the announcement that Riccardo Tisci will be stepping down from Givenchy after 12 years as creative director, we look back at some of the most famous looks from the celeb favourite. Undoubtedly one of Tisci’s standout pieces was this jewel encrusted sheer gown that Beyoncé wore to the Met … Read More

LUU’s LGBTQ+ Month wages war on damaging norms

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The 2017 incarnation of LGBT History Month has already marked itself out with the inauguration of Leeds University Union’s first women centred queer dance party, Scissors, ahead of a packed programme of events. On Wednesday, Pyramid cafe held a pre-party for the new club night featuring a vibrant mix of … Read More