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Remembering 117 Years of Our Student Newspaper

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In 1897 the first ever edition of The Gryphon was published and it was only one of four that was to be distributed throughout the academic year. The majority of its pages are filled with Society information and Editors notes but what is most impressive, and very alien to modern ... Read More

News | Historic Clothworkers Arch to undergo refurb

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The University’s historic Clothworkers Arch is to be ‘specially’ refurbished, a spokesperson has announced. Conservation experts will spend six weeks working on the gothic-style structure, which was built to mark the foundation of surrounding Clothworkers Buildings in 1879. The project includes the intricate task of re-gilding the 22-carat gold leaf … Read More

Features | Lest we forget – Remembering World War One

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To mark one hundred years since the outbreak of the First World War, Leeds Museum and Galleries is teaming up with a group of volunteers to run a series of exhibitions and activities. We take a look at the significance of The Great War for students today and the ongoing … Read More

News | HistSoc bag £5k in competition

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History Society has won £5,000 in RateMyPlacement’s ‘National Society Showcase’ competition. The competition had four rounds, including a YouTube video round for students to display their marketing talents. Leeds HistSoc’s committee got the most people to sign up to RateMyPlacement, also winning a £100 bar tab bonus. The committee were … Read More

Features | Five of the best alternative moments in British history

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For most people their studies of British history at school began at 1066 and ended in 1945 with Churchill flipping V signs in Trafalgar Square, but now Michael Gove wants to change that with his radical overhaul of the history curriculum. Here LSi gives five suggestions to Mr Gove of … Read More

News | Cheesy reunion for history couple

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A budding romance started 50 years ago was celebrated this week in a suprise celebration set up by the History department. Margaret and John Davidson, who studied History and graduated from the University in 1966, met at a cheese and wine event on October 8, during the Freshers’ Week of 1963. … Read More

EdBookFest | William Dalrymple and David Robison

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EdBookFest | William Dalrymple and David Robison ‘Place yourselves on the step between Persia and Afghanistan in the year 1837, as you watch the newly coronated Shah of Iran march to Herat.’ So began William Dalrymple’s immensely gripping book festival talk. As with many things in life, the first Anglo-Afghan … Read More

Debate: Education Under Gove

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With Secretary for Education, Michael Gove, proposing dramatic changes to the country’s schooling, Big Debate asks, are his proposals promising?     YES: Rebecca Shapiro “We cannot afford to have an education system that was set in the nineteenth century”   Media attention has recently been overwhelmingly fixed on Education … Read More

Bribes for module places

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Students are resorting to bribing their peers to swap modules when they don’t get their first choice. The module enrolment system has come under fire and will be debated at the Union’s forum next week. In a Better University idea, student Rosie Horton describes the current system as “outdated”, explaining … Read More